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Edge2Web delivers visual tools for rapidly building cross-platform IIoT-style applications. Schedule a one-to-one demo, then sign-up for a free account and take Edge2Web for a test drive today.
Power Tools for Industrial Leaders
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E2W on Predix Webinar Free Account Sign-up Schedule A Demo
Combine historical data, analytics, and live operating metrics - empowering your users to take informed actions.
Monitor. Diagnose. Respond. In the plant or on the road.
Operationalize Your Analytic Insights
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E2W on Predix Webinar Free Account Sign-up Schedule A Demo
Turn the knowledge of your key people into repeatable, scalable operating processes. Empower your leaders to create applications that unlock and amplify their expertise.
Scale Your Institutional DNA
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E2W on Predix Webinar Free Account Sign-up Schedule A Demo
Combine your data with our live sample metrics to quickly stand up IIoT apps that inspire and engage your users. Integrate data from sensor streams, historians, asset models, analytics, plant applications, APM, ERP, CRM, and many other industrial sources.
Create High-powered POCs in A Few Days
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Visual tools accelerate digital transformation, IIoT, Industry 4.0

Edge2Web delivers connectivity, integration, and application building tools for industrial app developers and end users. Based on a visual development model, Edge2Web tools allow non-programmers to rapidly create a wide range of IoT-style applications.
Securely hosted in the cloud. Minimal IT disruption. Platform independent – supports leading industrial PaaS and on-premise OT data environments.

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Visual Application Development Tools

Edge2Web’s visual IoT tools enable anyone to quickly create high-value industrial applications. Edge2Web compresses traditional app development cycles, enabling applications to be delivered in days.

Live Sample Data

Use our live sample data to quickly stand up POCs that inspire and engage your users. Edge2Web sample data includes time series arrays, temperature and volume metrics, process stages, batch counters, and alarms/events data.

Expert Support

Need a little help getting your POC off the ground? We are happy to jump on a call to give you input on project scoping, UI/UX design, data access/integration strategies, and anything else you’d like to run past us. We’re here to help you succeed.

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Live IIoT Dashboards and Apps


Check out our E2W Live Apps! page that illustrates the kinds of industrial dashboards and applications you can build using Edge2Web Director – no coding required! All of the sample data used to drive our live sample apps is available in your free Edge2Web account, allowing you to quickly stand up live POCs and wireframes.


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