Making sense of Enterprise IoT Platforms

McKinsey & Company have produced some excellent research on enterprise IoT adoption  over the past few years. A recent report – Making sense of Internet of Things platforms (May 2017) – provides C-level guidance about why enterprise IoT platforms are useful, and factors to consider when choosing one:

  • Emerging enterprise IoT platforms provide a full stack of services including device connectivity, data ingestion and integration, analytics, security, and edge processing.
  • Leading platforms provide application suites for critical IoT initiatives such as asset performance management (APM), service management, and agile manufacturing.
  • Although canned applications can aid adoption and shorten time-to-value, many enterprises also must build custom apps to drive sustainable competitive advantages. Thus, high-productivity developer tools are often a critical factor in IoT platform evaluations.
  • Enterprise IoT applications that overcome traditional information silos will deliver the greatest long-term value. IoT platforms and tools that offer integration across key applications and datastores should be short-listed.

McKinsey’s guidance serves to emphasize that visual developer tools for data/app integration will significantly lower the enterprise IoT adoption bar. Tools like Edge2Web Director, that can integrate platform-resident data and analytics with a myriad of other enterprise systems (many of which will continue to execute in the IT data center, not on the IoT platform), bring enterprise IoT app development to the masses and significantly reduce time-to-value for IoT initiatives.

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