Edge2Web Joins Kepware’s IoT Alliance

Edge2Web Industrial IoT Dashboard Header

We are pleased to have recently joined Kepware’s IoT Alliance community – a network of leading IoT solution providers. Edge2Web Director’s visual tools communicate bi-directionally with an extensive range of industrial devices and OPC data sources by leveraging the power of KepServerEx’s world class connectivity and data integration. Combined, Edge2Web and Kepware deliver an end-to-end solution for building high-powered IIoT applications, including:

  • Operational and analytic dashboards
  • Remote service center diagnostics
  • Condition alerting and repair
  • Asset-connected operating guides

Kepware and Edge2Web — Key IIoT Accelerators

KepServerEx’s IoT Gateway enables client apps to achieve connectivity to a vast universe of industrial assets. The IoT Gateway exposes REST endpoints that give Edge2Web applications secure, bi-directional access to industrial asset and process data.

The screenshot below shows a dashboard with a handful of sample cards created using Edge2Web Director’s visual editors. Kepware sources all of the data behind this dashboard from a simulated SCADA back-end. For this dashboard, Edge2Web queries KepServerEx once per second and reports data to users via continuously-refreshing visualizations. This example illustrates the combined power of Edge2Web and KepServerEx for creating fast, responsive IIoT apps, and just scratches the surface of what the two products can do together.