Live IIoT Dashboards and Apps

Edge2Web Live IIoT Demo Dashboards & Apps

Today we are excited to open a gallery on our website that illustrates the IIoT applications you can create using Edge2Web Director's visual development tools. Although the demo apps just scratch the surface of what's possible, they will hopefully help you wrap your mind around what we're building here at Edge2Web.

Things to look for in the live IIoT demo apps:

  • Data and rich media – the apps display asset traits, latest metric values, historical timeseries, and event data. The data is sourced from a (simulated) industrial backend and from static Excel files. A few of the data values are derived on the fly. You will also see examples of rich media like images and video that bring the numeric data to life.
  • Visualizations – the demo apps aim to provide a useful variety of data renderings and animations to illustrate different visual alternatives. We are putting a lot of effort into the build-out of our rendering library, understanding that presentation choices are often subjective and situational. The demos show off some of the capabilities of our current renderers.
  • Other fun stuff – for simplicity, the live demo pages control the refresh of their display components (one-second intervals). It's noteworthy, though, that we could have configured each component to refresh on its own frequency. That's pretty powerful, as it allows you to tune your app UIs to disparate backend data services. Also, a couple of the dashboards raise notifications when a production cycle completes, so keep an eye out for a those as well.

We invite you to take a few minutes to step through the dashboards and mini-apps on the Live Demos page. Then follow our newly-minted Twitter presence for updates on other demo apps we will be adding in the near future.

Also, it's super easy to get hands-on with Edge2Web Director. Just grab a free account here (5 minute self-service onboarding); you will find a wealth of pre-built samples and the same test data that drives our Live Demos. Use your free Edge2Web license to quickly stand up a wide variety of IIoT POCs and wireframes. Enjoy the Edge!