Webinar: Build Custom Predix POCs and Apps in Days – Without Coding

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Industrial companies are increasingly turning to cloud platforms like GE Digital’s Predix to manage industrial data and derive analytic insights. But analytics alone will not drive transformative business outcomes – industrial leaders need tools to operationalize their insights and guide users to take actions based on current operating conditions.

We at Edge2Web are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, January 24 at 12:00pm ET entitled Build Custom Predix POCs and Applications in Days – Without Coding. In this webinar, we will explore how Predix users can quickly build a wide variety of industrial applications using visual app builder solutions like Edge2Web Director – without programming. The webinar will cover key concepts for those aiming to build Predix-based apps, including:

  • Gaining connectivity to data stored in Predix Asset and Predix Timeseries
  • Enriching Predix-based analytics with operating metrics, rich media, location, and other relevant content
  • Integrating Predix data and analytics with key enterprise applications such as ERP, APM, Service Management, and CRM
  • Building asset- and process-connected apps that guide users to take precise actions under defined conditions and events
  • Getting started with your first POC or application

The webinar will include a demo of Edge2Web running on Predix, and highlight Predix data connectivity, visualization, and enterprise application integration.

Webinar Registration