Operationalizing IIoT Data and Analytics

The Process Excellence (PEX) Network recently published an interesting interview with Georg Arnswald, Vice President and Head of Strategy & Business Excellence at Siemens AG Digital Factory.  Full text of the interview is entitled Building a digital factory for a better tomorrow.

Although the interview covers a range of subjects, Mr. Arnswald’s comments about the enablement of new business models is particularly relevant to Industry 4.0 and IIoT. Mr. Arnswald explains that connecting equipment and production processes to platforms like Siemens MindSphere allows industrial companies to deliver higher-order products and services throughout their value chains.  And as organizations gain greater control of their data and analytic assets, they can begin to re-imagine their business fundamentals:

This is the basis for new business models for customers. They say, “In future I won’t sell machines any longer – I’ll sell uptime or I’ll sell output.” This is now possible once you’re able to monitor your machine consistently and get a real picture of how the machine is performing. You have early warning indicators if the machine is at risk. You can stop or adjust the machine if the customer allows it. That way you can guarantee that you don’t have any failures. So that’s what we mean when we say we cover the entire value chain.

Georg Arnswald,Vice President and Head of Strategy & Business Excellence at Siemens AG Digital Factory

While it is certainly true that data and analytics provide the foundation for improvements in machine performance/reliability and manufacturing processes, organizations also need up-the-stack tools to drive deeper transformational changes, including:

  1. Executive visibility – in real-time – to key operating processes and metrics
  2. Sales and channels notification when customer-facing events occur, such as extended downtime of critical manufacturing systems
  3. Integration of data and analytics with enterprise applications and datastores (e.g., SAP, SF.com, Oracle DB, MS SQL Server)
  4. Agile development and deployment of custom applications that guide employees to take precise actions when critical events occur

Edge2Web Director is purpose-built to add value atop leading industrial cloud platforms like MindSphere and GE Digital’s Predix, making it fast and easy to create applications that address the above requirements. Using Director, industrial domain experts can operationalize IIoT data and analytics, overcoming IT/OT information silos and driving value throughout the enterprise value chain.

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