Announcing Edge2Web Director for MindSphere

The Big News!

On behalf of the Edge2Web team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Edge2Web Director for Siemens’ MindSphere.  Director for MindSphere is a visual app builder platform that allows non-programmers to create a wide range of digital industrial applications using MindSphere data, analytics, and events.

The release of Director for MindSphere is the culmination of a multi-year development effort by the Edge2Web team, as well as collaboration with an active community of Beta testers who have helped shape the product over the course of many months.



Launch Webinar

I hope you will be able to join Bill Boswell and me for a webinar entitled Driving Digital Value with Edge2Web Director for MindSphere on January 23 at 12:00pm ET.  Bill is Vice President of Marketing for Cloud Application Solutions at Siemens PLM Software.  He will be discussing Siemens IoT strategy and providing an overview of MindSphere’s platform services.  I will provide an overview of Edge2Web Director, discuss our MindSphere platform integration, and highlight a few real-world applications built using Director for MindSphere.



Edge2Web Director for MindSphere

Edge2Web Director is a cloud-based visual development platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and operate an extensive range of industrial applications based on MindSphere data and analytics.

A growing ecosystem of industrial OEMs is using Director on MindSphere to perform remote equipment monitoring and offer new digital support services

Director supports the complete portfolio of MindSphere service APIs and provides up-the-stack components that make it fast and easy to create game-changing MindSphere applications.

Director for MindSphere is now being used to deliver applications such as equipment monitoring, digital plant management, and mobile field service.

Director for MindSphere Highlights

Director delivers breakthrough productivity for MindSphere application designers and builders. Director’s deep integration with MindSphere platform APIs gives app developers easy access to MindSphere’s core data services including Assets, Timeseries, Analytics, and Events. And Director’s rich, industry-focused visualization library enables developers to rapidly build professional dashboards and applications that use those data services.

Key features of Director for MindSphere include:

Innovative visual app builder tools

Director provides Page, Flow, and Screen editors that make it fast and easy to build an unlimited variety of industrial applications. Developers make extensive use of wizards, drag & drop page layouts, and WYSIWYG editors, while also having handy access to Javascript and HTML when scripting is needed. Director includes a growing library of industrial data renderers that drive polished, professional user experiences.

Comprehensive MindSphere integration

Director gives app developers bi-directional access to MindSphere’s platform services, enabling them to build applications that combine asset models, streaming data, timeseries history, analytic services, and operating events. Applications built with Director help users quickly digest critical performance information and take informed actions when operating conditions arise.

QuickStart Components for MindSphere

Leveraging Director’s deep MindSphere platform support, we have assembled a collection of application components that implement common industrial app functions such as asset hierarchy browsing, date and time period selection, and timeseries retrieval optimization. The goal of these components is to further speed application development. All QuickStart components are implemented using Director’s Flow Editor, can be easily customized, and are provided royalty free.

MindSphere deployment flexibility

Director can be deployed into MindAccess Developer tenants as well as MindAccess IoT Value Plan tenants, delivering full application development power to IoT Value Plan users. Director’s deployment flexibility allows organizations to choose the MindSphere subscription that best fits their application development preferences. And Director’s SSO integration with the MindSphere Identity service makes user onboarding simple, secure, and auditable.


Director provides advanced features to optimize application performance and data consumption. Each display component on a Director page can be tuned to request data at appropriate intervals. This feature allows applications to efficiently combine data moving at different velocities such as sensor feeds (which may deliver samples once per second) and analytic values (which may be updated once per day). In addition, Director apps load and execute directly in the user’s browser, delivering near-linear performance as application usage scales.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you are already on a digital industrial track with MindSphere or still evaluating your IIoT platform alternatives, we should be talking. Contact us today for a one-on-one Director demo. We at Edge2Web look forward to working with you to achieve your digital application objectives.