Edge2Web Flow Server Beta

Edge2Web Director is a fantastic solution for building industrial dashboards and interactive applications. Director’s powerful flow editor makes it fast and easy to access MindSphere data, manipulate that data in many useful ways, and display that data to your users. But some industrial apps are not user-facing; their job is to operate in the background to compute performance metrics, monitor assets and processes, notify people of critical operating events, and integrate with other enterprise applications.

Enter Edge2Web Flow Server, a new product we’ve recently released into Beta. As its name implies, Flow Server uses the same flow editor technology available in Edge2Web Director, so you only need to learn one tool for your client- and server-side application logic. Flow Server also uses Edge2Web’s built-in platform connectivity, giving you instant, bi-directional access to MindSphere’s data and analytic services. Flow Server gives app developers a powerful toolbox for building workhorse industrial applications.

Flow Server can be easily provisioned into your MindAccess Developer tenant or MindAccess IoT Value Plan tenant. You must be a tenant administrator to access the Flow Server task scheduler and operating logs.

Scheduling Flow Server Tasks

The flow scheduler is comprised of a simple toolbar from which you can perform routine operations such as scheduling tasks (flows) for execution, pausing/resuming execution, resetting counters, and deleting scheduled tasks.

Figure 1 – Edge2Web Flow Server Task Scheduler (click image to enlarge)

As you can see in Figure 1, it’s very easy to schedule tasks to execute at desired frequencies using clock time or Chron functions. The task table shows the status of all defined tasks.

You may be wondering how individual tasks are, themselves, created. The answer is easy – you create tasks with the same flow editor used in Edge2Web Director. That means all of the expressive data and process flow operations found in Director are also available in Flow Server.

Viewing Flow Logs

Each time a flow task executes, status information is logged and available for review. The Flow Logs page provides a listing of task execution history, including a toolbar and listing table. The toolbar can be used to filter the list by Task name, State (Error or All) as well as a date range. You can also refresh the listing or delete the logs displayed in the listing using the toolbar buttons.

Figure 2 – Edge2Web Flow Server Log Viewer (click image to enlarge)

Join the Flow Server Beta Program

If you would like to take Edge2Web Flow Server for a test drive, we have opened a limited number of additional spaces in the Beta program. Feel free to hit the button below and complete the Beta program application form (it takes less than 1 minute!). We will contact you within 24 business hours to discuss your needs and goals. We look forward to working with you on this important addition to the Edge2Web product family!


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