Announcing Edge2Web Flow Server!

The Big News!

On behalf of the Edge2Web team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Edge2Web Flow Server for Siemens’ MindSphere.  Flow Server for MindSphere is a visual data orchestration solution that allows non-programmers to create a wide range of server-side applications using MindSphere data, analytics, and events.

The release of Flow Server for MindSphere is the culmination of an intensive development effort by the Edge2Web team, as well as collaboration with an active community of Beta testers who have helped shape the product over the course of many months.


Launch Webinar

We recently hosted  a webinar entitled Flow Server Launch, during which we provided an overview of Flow Server features and use cases, and reviewed product pricing and other commercial information. Chris Keller, Edge2Web’s co-founder and VP of Product Development also gave a Flow Server demo showing an orchestration app that passes MindSphere timeseries data to an anomaly detection service, then generates events and human notifications when anomalous behavior is discovered. You can view all of the webinar content by clicking the button that follows.

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Edge2Web Flow Server for MindSphere

Edge2Web Flow Server is a platform-native visual development solution that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and operate an extensive range of server-side applications based on MindSphere data and analytics. [column span=”11″][blockquote cite=”” name=”” align=”left” reverse=”off”]A growing ecosystem of industrial leaders is using Flow Server to perform equipment monitoring, analytics, and notification of critical system and process events[/blockquote][/column]




Flow Server supports the complete portfolio of MindSphere service APIs and provides up-the-stack components that make it fast and easy to create workhorse orchestration apps, including asset discovery and onboarding, eventing and human notification, and enterprise systems integration.


Flow Server Highlights

Flow Server delivers breakthrough productivity for MindSphere application developers. Flow Server’s deep integration with MindSphere platform APIs gives app developers easy access to MindSphere’s core data services including Assets, Timeseries, Analytics, Events, and Notifications. And Flow Server’s intuitive admin console makes it easy to schedule tasks and monitor their execution status.

Key features of Flow Server for MindSphere include:

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Visual orchestration builder tools

[/column][column span=”8″]Flow Server’s powerful flow building tools make it fast and easy to create an unlimited variety of server-side industrial applications. Developers use Edge2Web’s structured flow editor to access MindSphere platform services, aggregate and analyze data, generate auditable events, and notify human response teams as appropriate. For complex data operations, the Edge2Web flow editor provides handy access to standard Javascript.[/column][/row]

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Platform-native MindSphere integration

[/column][column span=”8″]Flow Server gives app developers bi-directional access to MindSphere’s platform services, enabling them to build applications that combine asset models, streaming data, timeseries history, analytic services, and operating events. Applications built with Flow Server monitor critical assets and operating processes, informing human users to take action when operating conditions arise.[/column][/row]

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QuickStart Components

[/column][column span=”8″]Leveraging Flow Server’s deep MindSphere platform support, we have assembled a collection of application components and patterns that implement common server-side functions such as data aggregation, data mapping/transformation, and timeseries retrieval optimization. The goal of these components is to further speed application development. All QuickStart components are implemented using Edge2Web’s flow editor, can be easily customized, and are provided royalty free.[/column][/row]

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[/column][column span=”8″]Flow Server apps are enabled by a rich collection of orchestration services. Application developers make extensive use of callable sub-flows for functional isolation and reuse; they leverage advanced features such as parallel execution for speed and scale; and they rely on data and log inspection tools for fast flow troubleshooting. Flow Server gives server-side developers all of the power to quickly build, test, and deploy sophisticated server-side applications.[/column][/row]

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[/column][column span=”8″]Flow Server provides an admin console that makes it easy to schedule and monitor task execution. Tasks can be scheduled to fire based on clock time or from cron events, and they can be “chained” (output of one task execution provides the input for the next execution of that task). Flow Server admins can easily scan and filter flow logs to view execution status and outcomes.[/column][/row]


Let’s Get Started

Whether you are already on a digital industrial track with MindSphere or still evaluating your IIoT platform alternatives, we should be talking. Contact us today for a one-on-one Edge2Web demo. We at Edge2Web look forward to working with you to achieve your digital industrial objectives.

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