Edge2Web and PROLIM Partnership

I am pleased to report that Edge2Web and PROLIM have formed a partnership through which we will collaborate to deliver high-value digital solutions to industrial customers worldwide.

For readers who may not be familiar with PROLIM, they are a leading provider of end-to-end IoT, IT, and PLM solutions. A prominent player in the Siemens ecosystem, PROLIM today provides implementation services for 400+ industrial customers worldwide, including deep practice competencies in Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare and Industrial Machinery.  With operations in the USA, Canada, Europe, and India, PROLIM has the reach to deliver solutions across major geographies.

I met PROLIM’s IoT practice executive, Ashwini Patil, earlier this year at a Siemens PLM user conference, and it quickly became apparent that Edge2Web and PROLIM each brought important solutions to the table for industrial companies undertaking new digital initiatives.  Where Edge2Web delivers an innovative low-code app builder platform to IIoT citizen developers, PROLIM provides high quality IoT implementation services.  And PROLIM’s expertise in Siemens’ PLM products, including the MindSphere IIoT platform, makes them an ideal partner for delivering services based on Edge2Web’s platform-native solutions for MindSphere.

Getting Started

Prior to engaging with Edge2Web, the PROLIM IoT team had developed a proof-of-concept (POC) application for monitoring windfarms located in different geographies. The POC app was built using AWS platform services, open source visualization libraries, and custom program code. To learn the Edge2Web low-code tools and evaluate their usability, PROLIM decided to create a functionally equivalent POC application using Edge2Web Director and Flow Server.  The project also gave us at Edge2Web the opportunity to evaluate PROLIM’s IoT development skills.

The short story is that, after a couple of deep dive technical demos and some start-up coaching from Edge2Web, the PROLIM team was able to recreate their Windmill app using Edge2Web for MindSphere in a few weeks.  We on the Edge2Web side were quite impressed by PROLIM’s ability to build a sophisticated asset monitoring application in a short time, with very little help from us.  And judging by the feedback from Ashwini and team, they were enthusiastic about the speed, power, and integration provided by Edge2Web’s low-code app builder solutions for MindSphere.

Looking Forward

The new partnership between Edge2Web and PROLIM is an example of how leaders in the industrial IoT ecosystem can deliver exceptional value to customers worldwide. If your company is using (or evaluating) Siemens MindSphere, I would encourage you to consider platform-native tools like Edge2Web Director and Flow Server, and high-quality implementation services from PROLIM. Together, we can help you achieve game-changing digital outcomes.