Edge2Web and Engineering USA Partner

I am pleased to report that Edge2Web and Engineering USA have formed a partnership through which we will collaborate to deliver high-value digital solutions to industrial customers worldwide.

For readers who may

not be familiar with Engineering USA, they are the North American division of the Engineering Group, a global software maker, system integrator and leading provider of technology solutions and services. With an annual revenue of over $1.3 billion and around 12,000 professionals across 65 office locations worldwide, the Engineering Group manages projects in over 20 countries by designing, developing and implementing innovative solutions for the business areas in which digitalization is having the biggest impact, including Augmented City, Digital Industry, Smart Energy & Utilities, Smart Transportation, E-Health, Smart Government, Digital Finance, Smart Agriculture, Digital Defense, Digital Retail & Fashion, and Digital Media & Communication. Engineering USA’s Digital Industry division delivers the Digital Thread for Industry 4.0. Leveraging¬† unique experience implementing and integrating the entire spectrum of digital tools, the Engineering USA team facilitates the adoption, implementation, integration and transformation journey for manufacturers across all industries worldwide. To learn more, visit Engineering USA.