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We are Edge2Web, and we're on a mission to empower the industrial internet


Edge2Web delivers SaaS-based low-code tools that enable industrial leaders to rapidly develop, deploy, and operate a wide range of IoT-style applications. Edge2Web products are based on a code-by-exception model, empowering non-programmers to create sophisticated, context-driven applications. Our core orchestration services integrate data and systems across a growing portfolio of OT, IT, and enterprise cloud environments. And our platform-native runtime services enable user apps to be securely deployed and scaled with the push of a button.

Developed using our low-code tools, Edge2Web Factory Insights is a high-powered manufacturing intelligence solution that delivers instant visibility into key performance metrics such as OEE, OOE, TEEP, and MTBF/MTTR. Use Factory Insights to rapidly analyze machine availability, identify downtime root causes, assess and improve product quality, and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize production capacity. Factory Insights is fast and easy to configure, runs natively on the AWS IoT SiteWise industrial cloud, and can be infinitely extended using Edge2Web's low-code tools.


Chris Keller
VP Engineering

Eddie Budgen
VP Customer Success

Luba Roitman
Founding Engineer

Van Dillon
Founding Engineer

Fred Holahan

A serial entrepreneur and four-time company co-founder, Fred leads Edge2Web's business strategy and go-to-market activities. He holds a BS in Operations Research from the University of Maine, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy from Babson College.

A serial entrepreneur and four-time company co-founder, Chris is a proven engineering leader who drives Edge2Web's product development, QA, documentation, and DevOps activities. He holds a BS in Math and Physics from Long Island University.

Based in London, Eddie leads Edge2Web's worldwide customer and partner engagement activities. A deeply experienced business development leader, Eddie holds a BS in Mathematics from Imperial College in London.

A senior-level software engineer, Luba is focused primarily on the development of Edge2Web's visual app builder tools and frameworks. She holds a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

A senior-level software engineer, Van is focused primarily on the development of Edge2Web's infrastructure and server-side technologies. He holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Psychology from Trinity College.

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