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Edge2Web delivers cloud-based visual tools that enable industrial app builders to rapidly develop, assemble, and deploy a wide range of IIoT-style applications. Edge2Web products are founded on a coding-by-exception model, empowering non-programmers to create sophisticated industrial dashboards and mash-up apps. Our visual tools can integrate data and applications across a growing portfolio of OT, IT, and enterprise cloud environments. And our secure, SaaS-based platform minimizes IT disruption while scaling elastically to meet a wide range of industrial use cases.[/column]
[column span=”6″][jumbotron background=”#def3ff” color=”#4d5258″]We at Edge2Web are excited about the products we’re building and the opportunity to become a go-to solution in your IIoT technology stack. Our visual tools address a wide range of industrial use cases in APM, lean manufacturing, logistics, fleet operations, field service, and plant management.[/jumbotron][/column]