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Edge2Web Flow Server Beta

Edge2Web Director is a fantastic solution for building industrial dashboards and interactive applications. Director’s powerful flow editor makes it fast and easy to access MindSphere data, manipulate that data in many useful ways, and display that data to your users. … Read More

Spatial Layouts Using MindSphere Aspects and Edge2Web Director

My previous post, MindSphere Asset Variables and Static Assets, discussed the use of asset variables and static aspects for describing assets in MindSphere. Assets are hierarchical, and can have location and other descriptive information including image files. We have been asked … Read More

MindSphere Asset Variables and Static Assets

Introduction We were recently asked to review a MindSphere asset model for one of our customers. They wanted to make sure their approach was informed by best practices and that their modeling strategy would stand up to their evolving MindSphere usage. It is a … Read More

New Edge2Web Card View!

In the run-up to releasing our Beta product, we had to make some difficult feature compromises. All software companies experience this dilemma – delivering an unpolished product sooner vs. delaying the Beta until functionality and aesthetics are further developed. Difficult … Read More