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Brilliant Machines

Industrial machines drive your revenues and your capital budget. Using new IoT application platforms, data from your machines and operations can now enable breakthrough improvements in asset performance, energy consumption, maintenance management, production yield, and other relevant KPIs.

Edge2Web Director is a visual app builder platform that liberates your data and analytics to reveal game-changing insights. Director empowers you to optimize performance, minimize downtime, and deliver new digital services to the markets you serve.


Visual tools accelerate digital transformation, IIoT, Industry 4.0

Edge2Web delivers connectivity, integration, and application building tools for industrial app developers and end users. Based on a visual development model, Edge2Web Director allows non-programmers and programmers alike to rapidly create a wide range of industrial IoT-style applications.
Securely hosted in the cloud. Minimal IT disruption. Platform independent.

Form + Function

Director includes a rich library of industrial visualizations that bring your data to life. Director's page and screen editors give you fine-grained control over all visual elements.

Why choose between form and function when you can give your users both?

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Building high-powered industrial applications has never been easier


Securely access data and applications running in your OT infrastructure, in your IT data center, on industrial clouds like Siemens’ MindSphere and on SaaS platforms like Salesforce.com.


Combine real-time and historical data, analytic microservices, alarms, events, unstructured media, and a wide variety of other sources to deliver rich context and insight to your users.


Choose from a growing list of industrial renderers to visualize data in ways your users will understand at a glance – on large screens in the plant and on mobile devices in the field.

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Where dashboards give users insight at a glance, interactive apps empower users to take precise actions.

Director enables industrial domain experts to build fully interactive applications that improve operating agility and performance.

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When Mobility Matters

Engineering leaders and domain experts are increasingly on the move. They need applications that allow them to stay connected to plant operations whether they're in the office or on the road.

Director's device responsive application framework significantly reduces the complexity of building apps that look good and perform well on small-footprint devices.