Build Game-changing IIoT Apps in Days with Edge2Web and MindSphere!

Build Game-changing IIoT Apps in Days

Build Game-changing IIoT Apps in Days with Edge2Web and MindSphere!


This page provides content related to a webinar hosted by Edge2Web on 15th September 2020 entitled Build Game-changing IIoT Apps in Days with Edge2Web and MindSphere! The webinar gives an overview of the MindSphere platform services and use cases, and discusses Edge2Web Director’s bi-directional integration with MindSphere services.  The webinar includes a review of Edge2Web Director pricing, as well as live demonstrations of Edge2Web Director and Flow Server for MindSphere.

Note that all webinar questions are answered in full in the Q&A section below.

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01.00 – MindSphere Overview

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14:30 – Edge2Web Pricing

16:36 – Edge2Web-MindSphere Demo


Webinar Questions & Answers

Is it possible to integrate external program modules such as a Java jar into Edge2Web applications?

Yes, Edge2Web applications can integrate with any application or datastore that exposes a REST interface, which is a very common pattern for modern web resources. For example, we are currently working on a project to integrate Edge2Web apps with a Siemens product module via REST, and we have used this pattern to integrate with other systems as well. We can, and typically do, assist customers with integrating their Edge2Web applications with external systems via REST.

What MindSphere tenant type is needed for Edge2Web?

Although we can provision Edge2Web to a MindAccess Developer tenant, the recommended MindSphere tenant type for building, publishing and operating Edge2Web applications is a MindAccess IoT Value Plan. Edge2Web’s platform-native architecture enables us to provision IoT Value Plan tenants with a full suite of application development and runtime services, and gives tenant admins significant flexibility to deploy their applications (or selected app pages) to sub-tenant users with a few mouse clicks.

What level of technical skill does one need to use Edge2Web?

For most Edge2Web applications, the required skill level is a power user capable of creating spreadsheet macros. That said, it is important for Edge2Web developers to understand the data they will be manipulating (assets, sensor timeseries, etc.) and to have a clear idea of the desired functionality their Edge2Web application will provide to end users.

Plant engineers who are not software developers can typically build Edge2Web Director dashboards using live asset and process data.  Experienced software developers find Edge2Web’s designer tools extremely easy to grasp and extend, and appreciate all of the productivity benefits of an application enablement platform designed specifically for industrial use cases.

Could you show an example of a real application built in Edge2Web, and give the approximate effort to implement that application?

Please schedule a one-on-one demo, during which we will be able to show you production applications built in Edge2Web and discuss the effort needed to create those apps.

How scalable are Edge2Web applications across large user communities?

A unique quality of Edge2Web Director’s architecture is that the entire application executes within a user’s browser. As the user navigates across application pages, application metadata is loaded into the user’s browser and executes entirely on their system (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone). By using local compute power, Edge2Web apps consume minimal server-side resources and are, therefore, highly scalable across large user populations.