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Put Your Smart Factory Projects Into Overdrive

Edge2Web recently hosted a webinar entitled Put Your Smart Factory Projects Into Overdrive, during which we co-presented alongside our super smart colleagues from Engineering USA and the Siemens. Our goal in this webinar is to give you a reference model

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Interview with Dr. Roman Hänggi

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Roman Hänggi, Professor of Production Management at Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil (HSR), a leading Swiss university of applied science.  Dr. Hänggi lectures extensively on industrial automation and digitization at HSR, and is

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Edge2Web and PROLIM Partnership

I am pleased to report that Edge2Web and PROLIM have formed a partnership through which we will collaborate to deliver high-value digital solutions to industrial customers worldwide. For readers who may not be familiar with PROLIM, they are a leading

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Announcing Edge2Web Flow Server!

The Big News! On behalf of the Edge2Web team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Edge2Web Flow Server for Siemens’ MindSphere.  Flow Server for MindSphere is a visual data orchestration solution that allows non-programmers to create a

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Edge2Web Flow Server Beta

Edge2Web Director is a fantastic solution for building industrial dashboards and interactive applications. Director’s powerful flow editor makes it fast and easy to access MindSphere data, manipulate that data in many useful ways, and display that data to your users.

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Top 6 Criteria
for IIoT Visual App Builder Solutions

Introduction If you are reading this, you’re probably either using or evaluating Siemens MindSphere as a digital industrial platform. One of the best industrial IoT platforms available, MindSphere is exceptionally strong for asset-intensive applications across a wide range of industries

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