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Nov 2017 Webinar Slides, Video, and Q&A

In November we hosted a webinar entitled Choosing A Visual App Builder for Industrial IoT. In the webinar, we make the case for why visual app builder tools should be a core component of your IIoT technology stack; we identify

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Edge2Web Live IIoT Demo Dashboards & Apps

Live IIoT Dashboards and Apps

Today we are excited to open a gallery on our website that illustrates the IIoT applications you can create using Edge2Web Director's visual development tools. Although the demo apps just scratch the surface of what's possible, they will hopefully help

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Taking the Pulse of Enterprise IoT

As highlighted in a prior post, McKinsey & Company are a leading provider of insight on enterprise IoT adoption. Their latest report – Taking the pulse of enterprise IoT (July 2017) – summarizes survey results collected from C-level executives across

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New Edge2Web Card View!

In the run-up to releasing our Beta product, we had to make some difficult feature compromises. All software companies experience this dilemma – delivering an unpolished product sooner vs. delaying the Beta until functionality and aesthetics are further developed. Difficult

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