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New Edge2Web Card View!

In the run-up to releasing our Beta product, we had to make some difficult feature compromises. All software companies experience this dilemma – delivering an unpolished product sooner vs. delaying the Beta until functionality and aesthetics are further developed. Difficult

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Rolls Royce and IIoT

Heikko Witte, Head of Engineering Improvement & Quality at Rolls Royce, was recently interviewed about how Rolls Royce is using IIoT across manufacturing, design, and service. Mr. Witte is a leader in Rolls Royce’s digital transformation, driving business integration and

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IIoT Changes Everything

The Industrial Internet promises to bring profound changes to global industries through the convergence of physical and digital sciences. In the world of IIoT (industrial internet of things), sensor enablement and device connectivity transform passive … Read More

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Edge2Web is a cloud-based software company that will soon deliver breakthrough tools for building industrial IoT applications. On behalf of the amazing Edge2Web team, welcome to our journey. Our thesis is pretty simple. We believe the industrial internet will fundamentally change

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