Edge2Web at Indumation 2019

I recently was invited to join the MindSphere team at Indumation 2019, a bi-annual technology fair representing the largest factory automation gathering in Belgium. Siemens had a massive presence at the event, featuring all key hardware and software solutions related … Read More

MindSphere Asset Variables and Static Assets

Introduction We were recently asked to review a MindSphere asset model for one of our customers. They wanted to make sure their approach was informed by best practices and that their modeling strategy would stand up to their evolving MindSphere usage. It is a … Read More

Driving Digital Value Webinar Slides, Video, Q&A

In January 2019 we hosted a webinar entitled Driving Digital Value with Edge2Web Director for MindSphere. In the webinar, Bill Boswell from Siemens PLM provides and overview of the MindSphere industrial cloud; we discuss the market and technical goals  … Read More

Announcing Edge2Web Director for MindSphere

The Big News! On behalf of the Edge2Web team, I am thrilled to announce the immediate availability of Edge2Web Director for Siemens’ MindSphere.  Director for MindSphere is a visual app builder platform that allows non-programmers to create a wide range … Read More

Getting Hands-on with Edge2Web Director

Hello and welcome!  We are members of the Siemens MindSphere team in Zürich, Switzerland.  Along with other colleagues, our goal is to help industrial customers and partners in the Swiss market achieve their digital transformation objectives.  In pursuit of that goal, … Read More

MindSphere Pump Station POC Journal

Our friend Jens from the Siemens MindSphere team recently approached us with an interesting proof-of-concept (POC) project.  This post chronicles the first step in our journey with Jens to implement a Pump System POC using Edge2Web Director and MindSphere. Background … Read More

Cool Tools for MindSphere Data Admins

One of the most interesting aspects of running a high-touch Beta program is learning what smart, creative people can do with our software. We opened the Edge2Web on MindSphere Early Experience Program (EEP) in mid-May and are very excited by … Read More

Edge2Web at Siemens PLM Connection 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Edge2Web will participate in Siemens PLM Connection June 4-7 in Phoenix. I will be giving a talk about our MindSphere customer/partner journey on Monday at 4pm … Read More

Operationalizing IIoT Data and Analytics

The Process Excellence (PEX) Network recently published an interesting interview with Georg Arnswald, Vice President and Head of Strategy & Business Excellence at Siemens AG Digital Factory.  Full text of the interview is entitled … Read More

E2W on MindSphere Webinar Slides, Video, Q&A

In March 2018 we hosted a webinar entitled Build Siemens MindSphere Apps in Days – Without Coding! In the webinar, we make the case for why visual app builder tools should be a core component of your IIoT technology stack; … Read More