Edge2Web Announces Factory Insights OEE

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Edge2Web Announces Factory Insights
Powered by AWS IoT SiteWise

Southbury, CONNECTICUT, USA, September 7, 2022 – Edge2Web, Inc., a leading supplier of low-code tools and applications for industrial companies worldwide, today announced the commercial availability of Edge2Web® Factory Insights, with support for AWS IoT SiteWise. AWS IoT SiteWise is a managed service that simplifies collecting, organizing, and analyzing industrial equipment data. Using Edge2Web Factory Insights, discrete manufacturers can now rapidly compute and visualize critical OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) KPIs across enterprises, sites, areas, lines, and machines. Edge2Web solutions are used today by leading manufacturers globally including Bayer AG, Arca Continental, Roche Diagnostics, Grupo Rotoplas, and many others.

Key features of Edge2Web Factory Insights include:

  • Fast time-to-deployment – Factory Insights provides an extensive selection of settings that allow organizations to rapidly configure shift schedules, machine states and groups, downtime reasons, KPI thresholds, and numerous other operating variables.

  • High-powered KPI scorecards and dashboards – Factory Insights delivers a comprehensive suite of OEE, OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness), and TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) scorecards for plant operators and supervisors. In addition, Factory Insights provides a variety of factory performance dashboards, including OEE Per Hour, Machine States Category Analysis, Machine Pareto Analysis, Machines Timeline Analysis, and several others.

  • Asset Modeling, onboarding, and management – Factory Insights includes a suite of tools to assist organizations in rapidly modeling, onboarding, and managing machine assets on AWS IoT SiteWise at scale.

  • Extendibility using Edge2Web Director – Customers and partners can extend Factory Insights’ core functionality by optionally adding Edge2Web Director to their Factory Insights installation. The Edge2Web Director add-on includes a menu editor that allows custom extensions to be easily integrated into the Factory Insights application core.

  • AWS IoT support – Factory Insights natively supports AWS IoT SiteWise and related Amazon services – including AWS IoT Core, AWS IAM, Amazon DocumentDB, and Amazon S3 – to deliver high performance manufacturing insights on top of an open, democratized IoT services foundation.

We are excited to offer Edge2Web Factory Insights for AWS IoT SiteWise. Manufacturers need best-in-class solutions to improve availability, performance, and quality. Factory Insights delivers critical intelligence needed to drive measurable improvements by leveraging the immense power of AWS IoT SiteWise.

Edge2Web solutions have enabled us to accelerate the development, roll-out, and global scaling of critical OEE applications. Edge2Web has become a trusted partner on our digital transformation journey.

We are pleased to work with Edge2Web to bring advanced digital solutions to manufacturing customers worldwide. Edge2Web Factory Insights’ support of AWS IoT SiteWise can help customers solve operational challenges like root cause analysis of machine downtime, product quality improvements, and resource management in sustainability.

By combining the digital capabilities of Edge2Web and the reliability of Amazon Web Services with our Industries eXcellence Global team's depth of industry domain expertise, we can provide the best digital transformation tools and methodologies built to meet the unique process and business needs of each customer. The potential for manufacturing operational excellence and business growth through the application of enabling technologies such as Edge2Web Factory Insights and AWS IoT SiteWise is huge and can best be brought to fruition if these solutions are implemented and integrated into the existing digital systems on which industrial organizations have come to rely. With over two decades of experience in this space, there are no partners better prepared to deliver on this Industry 4.0 vision than Engineering USA and Edge2Web.

Availability and Pricing

Edge2Web Factory Insights will be commercially available on September 6, 2022. Customers will be able to purchase Factory Insights in AWS Marketplace at that time. Pricing will start at $6,000/year for a 10-user subscription. Application set-up and customization services will be available from Edge2Web and AWS Partners worldwide. Contact Edge2Web for additional information.


Media contacts:

Edge2Web: pr@edge2web.com 

More information:

Edge2Web: www.edge2web.com


UPCOMING WEBINAR: Edge2web Factory Insights on AWS IoT SiteWIse

Edge2Web Factory Insights Q&A

When will Edge2Web Factory Insights be commercially available?

Edge2Web Factory Insights is available today. Please contact sales@edge2web.com to discuss your needs and timetables.

How much do Edge2Web Factory Insights subscriptions cost?

For details about Edge2Web Factory Insights pricing, please visit the Factory Insights pricing page

Is Factory Insights approved by AWS technical best practices?

Yes. Factory Insights security, scalability, resilience, and development practices have been evaluated and approved by AWS through the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) process. As defined by the FTR, Factory Insights is a well-architected AWS solution.

Can Factory Insights core functionality be customized and extended?

Yes. Factory Insights includes an optional upgrade that includes a deeply discounted subscription for Edge2Web Director and the Edge2Web Menu Editor tool. Using this upgrade, customers and systems integrators can extend Factory Insights functionality and easily integrate those custom extensions into the core application, giving end users a seamless, cohesive user experience.

What is needed to stand-up Factory Insights at our site?

For greenfield installations, you will need to create an asset model in AWS IoT SiteWise, populate the model with data for each of your assets, and configure an AWS gateway to ingest your factory data streams (e.g., from machines, processes, etc.). Factory Insights provides tools to help model and onboard your assets, and AWS provides data acquisition services and best practices.

Brownfield installations that already have factory data flowing into SiteWise simply need to use Factory Insights tools to add a small number of OEE properties to existing SiteWise asset models.

In addition to the above data modeling/acquisition activities, your plant domain experts will need to configure the Factory Insights app for your shop. Factory Insights allows you to easily configure your shift schedules, machine state maps, reason trees, OEE thresholds, and more. You can also set up team and machine groupings and access policies. Once configured to your preferences, Factory Insights will be operational and secure.

Edge2Web, AWS, and our IoT implementation partners can help you stand-up Factory Insights in the shortest time with minimal disruption to your operations.

How can we purchase Edge2Web Factory Insights subscriptions?

You can purchase Edge2Web product subscriptions using any of the following alternatives.

  1.  Authorized Edge2Web resellers such as Engineering USA.
  2.  The AWS Marketplace using your existing AWS organization account (available soon).
  3.  Directly from Edge2Web by contacting sales@edge2web.com.

What are Edge2Web’s other product offerings?

In addition to Factory Insights, Edge2Web offers high-powered IoT application development tools that significantly reduce time-to-implementation of custom digital industrial applications. Our products integrate deeply with leading IoT environments – for example, AWS IoT SiteWise – enabling industrial app builders and domain experts to rapidly build, deploy, and operate applications such as 24×7 asset and process monitoring, multi-level OEE, asset and fleet management, condition-based maintenance, production costing, energy management, service management, and many others.

Edge2Web’s rapid app builder solutions are Director and Flow Server. Director is used to build custom user-facing applications that include popular industrial visualizations, multi-level drill-downs, compute-intensive operations, and much more. Flow Server is used for apps that drive continuous systems monitoring, batch analytics, event detection, and human notification. Edge2Web Developer is a low-cost developer-only version of Director and Flow Server intended primarily for partners who are building POCs for customers, and to demonstrate digital industrial concepts.


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