Edge2Web Announces No-code Tools Suite

Southbury, CONNECTICUT, USA, October 25, 2023 – Edge2Web, Inc., a leading supplier of visual app builder tools and applications for industrial companies worldwide, today announced the commercial availability of the Edge2Web® No-code Tools suite, with support for AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service from AWS that simplifies collecting, organizing, and analyzing industrial equipment and process data.  Edge2Web No-code Tools allow industrial data analysts, process engineers, and other non-programmers to rapidly create multi-level, multi-dimensional formulas using data managed by SiteWise, then apply those formulas to drive ad-hoc analytics and industrial performance scorecards. 

Edge2Web solutions enable industrial companies to reduce unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and drive business agility. Edge2Web is used today by leading manufacturers globally including Bayer AG, Arca Continental, Roche Diagnostics, Grupo Rotoplas, and many others.

Edge2Web No-code Tools are designed for use by non-programmers such as data analysts, process engineers, and industrial end users. The suite includes:

  • E2W Formula Builder – Enables data scientists, IT power users, and other industrial domain experts to quickly create multi-level, multi-dimensional functions that operate on data managed by SiteWise. Formulas can include popular math and data expressions that can be used to operate on SiteWise data attributes and timeseries, and can also include special operators for managing time-in-state data required by manufacturing KPI applications. Formulas can also embed other formulas, supporting best practices for computational consistency and reuse. When used as part of Edge2Web Factory Insights, a leading smart factory application, E2W Formula Builder includes a collection of pre-built formulas for computing popular manufacturing KPIs such as availability, quality, performance, and OEE. Users can clone and edit pre-built formulas using the E2W Formula Builder tools.

  • E2W Data Explorer – Enables data scientists and analysts to quickly perform query and visualization of SiteWise timeseries data. Queries can be performed ad-hoc, and they can also be saved for future use. Query data can be visualized in graph and tabular views, and can be easily downloaded for use with BI tools and plant applications. A key feature of the E2W Data Explorer is its ability to drive queries using formulas created in the E2W Formula Builder.  Users can, for example, create formulas for computing KPIs using the E2W Formula Builder, and then visualize/download those KPIs using the E2W Data Explorer.

  • E2W Scorecard Builder – Enables power users to rapidly build and save performance scorecards that contextualize data and KPIs from formulas created in the E2W Formula Builder.  Saved scorecards can be added to an Edge2Web application runtime menu so they can be easily accessed by end users, who simply choose the assets and time periods needed to drive their scorecards.  End users can dynamically sort scorecards by selected variables to quickly identify assets of greatest interest – for example, sort in descending order of energy utilization/cost to highlight assets with the highest usage/cost footprint.

We are excited to add the Edge2Web No-code Tools suite to our portfolio of solutions for AWS IoT SiteWise. Edge2Web no-code offerings give important new capabilities to IoT data scientists, power users, and industrial end users. Our goal is to give Edge2Web customers and partners all of the power they need to compress the time-to-value of their IIoT investments.

Edge2Web solutions have enabled us to accelerate the development, roll-out, and global scaling of critical OEE applications. Edge2Web has become a trusted partner on our digital transformation journey.

Edge2Web continues to push the envelope to deliver the tools and applications required by industrial companies worldwide. The IoT movement is all about eliminating factory data silos and delivering new insights to industrial decision-makers. Edge2Web's new no-code tools will help organizations make data-driven decisions that improve their operating performance and ROI.

PURE Precision OEE partners with Edge2Web to deliver game-changing IoT solutions for discrete and process manufacturing. Edge2Web's new no-code solutions expand our services portfolio and enable us to deliver value to our customers more quickly than ever before.

Availability and Pricing

The Edge2Web No-code Tools Suite is available immediately, at no additional fee, for customers of Edge2Web Director and Edge2Web Factory Insights. Product set-up, training, and customization services are available from Edge2Web and AWS Partners worldwide. Contact Edge2Web for additional information.


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