I recently was invited to join the MindSphere team at Indumation 2019, a bi-annual technology fair representing the largest factory automation gathering in Belgium. Siemens had a massive presence at the event, featuring all key hardware and software solutions related to the factory automation theme.

The MindSphere stand included three live demo workstations, with the Digital Factory team from Siemens Belgium showing software, answering questions, and engaging with attendees. MindSphere was a topic of significant interest, as evidenced by strong traffic flow and discussions about digital industrial transformation.

The Digital Factory team used Edge2Web Director to demonstrate dashboards and interactive applications that can be built using MindSphere data, analytics, and events. I’ve included a couple of photos showing Director for MindSphere in action at the event. (Click on the images to enlarge them.)



One of the Edge2Web-MindSphere demo apps that captured the audience’s imagination was the ability to remotely control a piece of equipment. Although the demo simply showed the switching on and off of a desk lamp, the secure infrastructure “under the hood” is really impressive. I’ve posted a short video of this demo app in action, with apologies for background noise.  (Click icon to play video.)



In the lamp demo, Director is communicating with the lamp bi-directionally using MindConnect IoT Extension APIs. The lamp is integrated with a Siemens IoT 2040 device, which communicates securely with MindConnect. This is also now possible using Simatic S7 PLC (1200-1500) devices for industrial control. The take-away from this demo is that, as needed, factory equipment can be controlled by applications running outside the OT infrastructure without sacrificing security. Very cool!