Edge2Web Director

Edge2Web Director

Edge2Web Director is a breakthrough solution for building, deploying, and operating a wide range of interactive industrial applications. Director apps deliver secure, bi-directional access to all data and analytic services provided by your IIoT platform, and include a rich library of industrial visualizations that bring your data to life.
Director's visual page and screen editors give you precise control over all user-facing elements. And Edge2Web's platform-native architecture allows you to easily and flexibly publish your apps to organizations, groups, and even individual users.


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Create intuitive data visualizations

Building polished, professional display elements is a breeze using Director's flow and screen editors. The flow editor gives you a fast, structured canvas for selecting and manipulating data, and the screen editor provides WYSIWYG web publishing tools for creating rich, intuitive layouts for your users.
When you're ready to visualize your data, Director provides over 30 industrial data renderers - everything from traditional line, area, donut and bar charts to gauges, progress bars, process stages, timeseries state, asset hierarchies, and rich interactive tables.
Director also includes a powerful flex list renderer that makes it super easy to visualize fleet data, and a spatial renderer that enables you to easily use geo-position coordinates to drive your apps. Imagine an application that allows users to navigate from a map to a site to a plant to a live dashboard showing a fleet of pumps in that plant – built without coding in a few days. Director's spatial and flex list renderers enable a wide range of asset-intensive, location based applications.


Deliver realtime interactive applications

Director's visual page editor gives you all of the power and flexibility you need to quickly build, test, and publish an unlimited choice of interactive industrial dashboards. Page layout is easy using Director's built-in templates, and you can customize page and cell positions, sizes, borders, padding, colors, and numerous other display properties.
Director gives you complete control over how and when each page cell is refreshed, making it simple to build dashboards that respond to user actions (e.g., date/time range selection). Director even allows each cell to refresh its data at custom intervals, optimizing access to a wide range of industrial data.
When you're ready to publish your dashboards to users, simply click the Display in Menu property and optionally specify which users are authorized to see that page. It's that simple!


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Edge2Web Director Use Cases

Below are examples of applications built and deployed by Edge2Web Director users.



Plant managers need real-time visibility into all critical infrastructure – they need dashboards that provide summary-level status, applications that show the current condition of key systems, and pages that allow them to view fleet locations and drill into operating details. Edge2Web-based applications provide insights at a glance, enabling managers to see the big picture and quickly zoom in to view asset details based on current operating status. 


Equipment manufacturers must continually innovate to compete. Edge2Web Director enables OEMs to quickly and easily deliver custom digital services with their physical products. Using Edge2Web, OEMs can provision customers with apps that allow customers to monitor and troubleshoot equipment problems, and they can offer remote monitoring/diagnostic services too. And since Director-based applications are device responsive, field service engineers can react to high priority issues any time from any location.


Heavy equipment operators often manage complex systems in real time. They need integrated work consoles that monitor all system components proactively, generate alarms when conditions demand, and support context-driven human responses. Edge2Web Director enables custom operator consoles that immediately inform operators of potential problems, provide all relevant system context (e.g., operating state immediately before and after an alarm event), and support auditable human responses.


A leading driver of digital industrial transformation is enterprise visibility. By securely replicating data from the plant (or windfarm, drilling platform, etc.) to the cloud, that data becomes instantly available to the enterprise. Edge2Web Director is used by leading industrial companies to deliver highly customized business dashboards that give executives and senior managers real-time visibility to key performance and risk metrics. Using Director, it is easy to build, deploy, and operate multi-level executive dashboard applications, and publish those apps to appropriate users based on their organizational roles.

Key Features of Edge2Web Director


Director Leverages Edge2Web’s platform connectivity tier, giving your applications secure access to all of the rich services on your IIoT platform, including assets, timeseries, analytics, events, files, notifications, and much more. And whenever those services provide bi-directional access, your apps can perform both read and write operations on the platform.


Many industrial applications are workflow driven, directing plant engineers through a defined sequence of actions. Examples include equipment start-up and shut-down procedures, system diagnostic guides, and asset inspection apps. Director makes it easy to add on-screen navigation to your applications, enabling entirely new high-value digital processes.


Many industrial companies have application user experience standards aimed at improving end user user cognition and productivity. This is an especially important requirement for OEMs looking to deliver new digital services with their equipment. Director gives admin users access to a theme editor that allows complete control over all application display properties. Developers can also use Edge2Web language resource bundles to localize their apps, as may be required by users in different geographies.


Although most industrial apps deliver unique user functionality, many applications also provide commodity services such as ad hoc asset browsers, date/time pickers, geo-positioning helpers, and timeseries optimization functions. Director includes a growing portfolio of these high-value application components. We offer them to you on a royalty free basis and provide application source elements so you can adapt them to meet your specific needs.


Director leverages your IIoT platform’s security and identity services to give you exceptional deployment flexibility for your applications. You can publish pages to all users, to all users of a target subtenant, to target user groups within subtenants, and to individual users within subtenants. This is a very popular feature for OEMs who wish to manage their digital customers using the IIoT platform’s tenant model. Director allows you to flexibly tailor which end users have access to any and all application pages.


Once your Director applications transition from development to production, you will need to insulate end users from unpublished application changes. Director provides a workspaces feature to enable isolation between your development and production realms. Application updates are performed by your developers in the designer workspace. When those changes are ready for publishing to production, an admin user promotes them to the runtime workspace.