Edge2Web Director
Subscription Order Form


Thank you for purchasing a subscription for Edge2Web Director. We look forward to helping you achieve all of your digital industrial objectives.

Important details:

  • Your base subscription is for runtime-only licenses. Thus, you will also need a Developer license. We will add a 3-user Developer plan to your subscription, for an additional fee of $150/mo.
  • We ask for your MindSphere Tenant ID because we will need it to provision your Edge2Web subscription.
  • We ask for the name of your Siemens Solutions Consultant so we can coordinate support for your Edge2Web subscription.  If you are not currently working with a Siemens Solutions Consultant, please leave this field blank.
  • We may ask you to set up an Edge2Web support user on your MindSphere tenant so we can assist you to get started with Director.
  • Use of Edge2Web Director is subject to the Edge2Web Customer Terms of Service and other referenced documents.