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    Edge2Web Director is a visual application builder solution that allows you to rapidly create cross-platform industrial IoT applications. Use Director to integrate real-time and historical data, analytic microservices, operating metrics, and enterprise applications – empowering your users to take informed actions.

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Edge2Web Director gives you a single, integrated environment for rapidly building a wide range of industrial applications. Director runs securely in the cloud, so set-up is fast and easy. And Director's visual tools allow non-programmers to get hands-on while dramatically compressing time-to-deployment. Power your way through POCs, integrate industrial data and applications, and deliver interactive, composite apps that fuel your digital enterprise.

Visual App Development

Platform Ready

Edge2Web Director provides built-in support for leading IIoT platforms* including Siemens’ MindSphere and GE Digital’s Predix. Director makes it fast and easy to connect to your platform-resident data and analytics, enabling you to integrate your industrial assets and operations with the rest of your digital enterprise. Using Director’s connectors:

  • Industrial companies can quickly operationalize their analytics by building custom apps that guide users to take precise actions
  • Analytics vendors can visualize their insights and deliver value-added applications that enrich their data science
  • Systems integrators and consultants can quickly deliver engaging platform-based POCs and custom applications

* Support for other leading industrial cloud platforms coming soon

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Building high-powered industrial applications has never been easier


Securely access data and applications running in your OT infrastructure, in your IT data center, on industrial clouds like GE Digital’s Predix, and on SaaS platforms like Salesforce.com.


Combine real-time and historical data, analytic microservices, alarms, events, unstructured media, and a wide variety of other sources to deliver rich context and insight to your users.


Choose from a growing list of industrial renderers to visualize data in ways your users will understand at a glance – on large screens in the office and on mobile devices in the field.

Connect Your Digital Enterprise

Your data and enterprise applications are everywhere – in your OT infrastructure, in your IT data center, on industrial PaaS platforms, and on SaaS enterprise clouds. To build applications that give users full context and allow them to take informed actions, you need access to everything. Edge2Web Director’s connectivity tier allows you to access cloud-based resources using a zero-footprint solution, combined with secure edge agent solutions for your data center operations.

Simple deployment

Using Director, access to industrial clouds like GE Digital’s Predix and SaaS applications like Salesforce.com can be achieved with a few configuration settings. When needed, Director’s secure edge agent can also be  deployed into your data center DMZs.


Secure communications

Director’s edge agent uses a read-only strategy, eliminating the need for write ports when deployed on premise. Thus, if your users need to take action on resources in your infrastructure (e.g., controlled shutdown of a failing asset), they can do so without compromising security. And Edge2Web’s multi-level encryption ensures that all connections and in-flight data are protected at the highest levels.

Enterprise ready

Director gives you out-of-the-box connectivity to all of your systems and data – asset stores, historians, real-time feeds, operating events, SQL and NoSQL databases, enterprise applications, and much more. Our hardened connectivity tier is self-updating, auto-recoverable, and auditable.

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Integrate Data, Analytics and Operations

Integration is the power plant behind your IoT applications, enabling you to combine data from disparate sources, orchestrate the flow of information across your enterprise, and operationalize insights revealed by your analytics. But integration has traditionally been the domain of software developers. Edge2Web Director’s visual flow editor empowers non-programmers to quickly create process-driven applications that reduce costs, streamline operations, and optimize performance.

Process  orchestration

Edge2Web Director’s structured flow editor enables non-programmers to quickly master the skills for building sophisticated, process driven mash-up apps. The flow editor includes powerful operators for creating a vast array of industrial applications. Director’s flows are easy to build and enhance, providing you with an intuitive, high-level view of your application logic.

Mapping and transformation

To integrate systems at scale, users need tools for quickly normalizing data. Tags from a historian, for example, must often be transformed to integrate timeseries metrics with an APM application or service management system. Director provides built-in functions for a wide variety of common data transformations, and allows users to easily build their own libraries of custom functions.

Industrial application horsepower

Most visual app builder tools are page oriented, allowing users to mash-up and link dashboard pages. They quickly lose power when you need to build interactive web applications, non-visual services, and analytics-driven systems. Director’s flow engine gives you the best of both worlds – the ease and simplicity to quickly create page-based apps, and the sophistication to rapidly build interactive, responsive web applications.

Visualize, Inform and Empower

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then contextualized operating data, analytics, rich media, and other content are invaluable. Your goal is to deliver dashboards, interactive web apps, asset-connected diagnostic guides, and a vast range of other industrial applications. You need visual tools with the horsepower to get the job done. Edge2Web Director combines power and usability, enabling non-programmers to build industrial strength apps that inform your users and empower them to take precise actions.

Drag & drop simplicity

Whether you need to monitor assets, track production metrics, or manage field logistics, building data-connected display components in Director is a breeze. Start with the component wizard to visualize your data in four easy steps, then add visualizations to your pages using drag & drop simplicity. Director gives you full control over page and cell properties, allowing you to easily style and customize your end user experiences.

WYSIWYG editing

Director provides a built-in suite of renderers to display your industrial data – timeseries graphs, bar and column charts, liquid gauges, maps, data tables, utilization gauges – and many others. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to create sophisticated, composite displays using layout techniques found in familiar products like Microsoft® Word and PowerPoint. And if you need to add special styling, no problem – Director allows you to easily tweak the underlying HTML of your display components.

Interactive and device-responsive

Scalable, interactive web apps are the Holy Grail of industrial IoT. Director gives you the ease to quickly mash-up composite dashboards, and the power to build interactive web applications that guide users through complex diagnostics, processes, and workflows. You can also optimize how each display component interacts with your back-end systems to maintain performance across your infrastructure as usage scales. And all apps built with Director are device-responsive, behaving consistently on control room monitors, support center consoles, and mobile devices.

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