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Edge2Web Factory Insights
Powered by AWS IoT SiteWise

This page provides content related to a webinar hosted by Edge2Web entitled Edge2Web Factory Insights Powered by AWS IoT SiteWise. The webinar, delivered jointly by AWS and Edge2Web, covers the following topics at a high level:

  • Best practices for measuring manufacturing performance
  • Goals of AWS IoT SiteWise as a digital factory foundation
  • Goals of Edge2Web Factory Insights as a manufacturing intelligence pillar
  • A high-level roadmap for implementing OEE in your shop

Note that all webinar questions are answered in writing in the Q&A section below.


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00:00 – Webinar Intro

01:45 – Manufacturing Performance Best Practices

13:42 – AWS and Industrial IoT

24:30 – Edge2Web Factory Insights Demo

35:32 – Webinar Q&A – see written Q&A below


Webinar Questions & Answers


What kind of ecosystem is available to help me get started ingesting and using data from my factory floor?

Dave Thielet, AWS

To begin with, you will need to have access to technologies that will allow data from your physical world to be represented digitally. AWS has an ecosystem of pre-qualified device manufacturers to acquire data from industrial machines and move it into SiteWise. Once your data is flowing into SiteWise, partners like Edge2Web can help you progress along your digital journey to deliver measurable outcomes in operating efficiency, product quality, worker safety, supply chain optimization, and more.

AWS brings a broad ecosystem of partners such as Edge2Web to help you quickly progress down the digital factory path.

What if the collection of some of my machine and process data is not currently automated? Can I still use Factory Insights?

Fred Holahan, Edge2Web

Yes, absolutely. We saw during the demo the ability to configure Factory Insights to compute metrics based on data collected from combinations of automated, manual, and hybrid sources. When automated data is not available, human inputs can be provided via simple user interfaces and csv (spreadsheet) file uploads. Factory Insights enables you to progress quickly down the digital factory path without requiring fully-automated data acquisition in place in your plant.

If we already use AWS platform services, how do I spin up AWS IoT SiteWise?

Dave Thielet, AWS

It’s actually very easy – if you’re already using AWS, your administrators have access to the AWS Management console. SiteWise is one of the many services you can spin up from the Management console.

Beyond initial SiteWise provisioning, you will likely need to partner with one or more of the plant data acquisition providers I mentioned earlier to get your factory data flowing into SiteWise.

How is billing for Factory Insights managed, and does it include the SiteWise charges as well?

Fred Holahan, Edge2Web

I’ll answer the second part of the question first – Edge2Web charges do not include SiteWise data acquisition, storage, and retrieval charges – you pay AWS directly for those services.

Factory Insights billing is based on the number of unique users who are accessing the application during a given time period. For example, if you take a 25 user subscription to Factory Insights, you will pay for that subscription annually. If more than 25 users access the application in a given month, we will bill you separately for that additional usage. This billing model is particularly helpful to organizations with occasional usage surges, such as manufacturers in seasonal industries.


You mentioned that Factory Insights can be extended using Edge2Web’s low-code tools — how does that work?

Fred Holahan, Edge2Web

The base Factory Insights subscription is for the application itself. We also offer a subscription that bundles Factory Insights with Edge2Web Director, our low-code application development tool. If you need to extend Factory Insights, create your own dashboards, do custom analytics, or add any other functionality, you can use Director to create those custom extensions. The Factory Insights + Director bundle includes a convenient menu editor tool that enables you to add your custom extensions directly into the Factory Insights user interface – giving your users a single pane of glass through which to access your custom screens and pages alongside Factory Insights KPIs.


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