Edge2Web Factory Insights Pricing

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Edge2Web Factory Insights subscriptions enable you to start small and grow on your timetable

Use Factory Insights to rapidly analyze machine availability, identify downtime root causes, assess and improve product quality, and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize your production capacity. Edge2Web Factory Insights pricing is based on the number of unique users accessing the application.

  • Unique users *Unique users *
  • Edge2Web Director BundleEdge2Web Director Bundle
  • Support response SLASupport response SLA
  • Workgroup

  • $500

    per month

    billed annually

  • Unique users *10
  • Edge2Web Director Bundle$750
  • Support response SLA1 business day
  • Enterprise I

  • $1,200

    per month

    billed annually

    Includes 10% discount

  • Unique users *25
  • Edge2Web Director Bundle$1,800
  • Support response SLA12 business hours
  • Enterprise II

  • $2,200

    per month

    billed annually

    Includes 15% discount

  • Unique users *50
  • Edge2Web Director Bundle$3,300
  • Support response SLA8 business hours
  • Enterprise III

  • $3,800

    per month

    billed annually

    Includes 20% discount

  • Unique users *100
  • Edge2Web Director Bundle$5,700
  • Support response SLA6 business hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Unique users are the number of users, identified by email address, that access Factory Insights in a calendar month. Your Factory Insights subscription defines the maximum number of unique users.

The Edge2Web Director Bundle includes Edge2Web Factory Insights and the Edge2Web Director low-code application development and execution solution. Use Edge2Web Director to build custom extensions to Factory Insights, and integrate your custom Director pages into the Factory Insights application menu.

The Edge2Web Director Bundle represents a 50% discount off normal Director commercial fees.