Edge2Web Factory Insights

Edge2Web® Factory Insights

Edge2Web Factory Insights is a high-powered manufacturing intelligence solution that gives you instant visibility into key performance metrics such as OEE, OOE, and TEEP. Use Factory Insights to rapidly analyze machine availability, identify downtime root causes, assess and improve product quality, and uncover hidden opportunities to optimize your production capacity.

Factory insights' configurable set-up makes the solution fast and easy to deploy, and gives your users performance visibility based on terminology and practices already in use at your shop.

Factory Insights runs on AWS IoT SiteWise and related AWS platform services, giving you a highly-secure IoT data platform that scales from a single site to global, multi-site operations.


Edge2Web solutions have enabled us to accelerate the development,
roll-out, and global scaling of critical OEE applications.

David Kaltmayer
Head of Manufacturing Systems and Products
Bayer AG


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Empower Your Machine Operators

Give your operators all the tools they need to monitor machine throughput, track downtime states, and analyze product quality for the current shift and other relevant periods. Authorized operators can manually adjust reported downtime states and quality counters, and enter explanatory comments based on observed production events.

Monitor and Improve Product Quality

Gain instant visibility into your product quality. Factory Insights Quality scorecard puts critical quality metrics at your fingertips – by machine, by line, by area, or by your custom machine groupings. View product quality for the current shift or for past periods to analyze you quality patterns over time. Quickly identify your lowest yielding machines. Drill into variables such as Machine Stops to analyze how downtime affects product quality.

Pinpoint Primary Causes of Downtime

Factory Insights maps machine operating states reported by your automation equipment to your team’s defined reason categories, giving you instant access to the availability profile of each connected machine. Authorized machine operators can also manually adjust downtime states and reasons to enrich your machine data with human context. Factory Insights quickly reveals which machines have chronic availability problems and the primary causes of unplanned downtime. 

Identify Unused Production Capacity

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) gives you visibility into the availability, quality, and performance of your manufacturing assets. OOE (Overall Operations Effectiveness) and  TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance) are companion metrics that provide deeper insight into the true capacity of your manufacturing operations. Factory Insights’ OOE and TEEP Scorecards enable you to quickly identify unused production capacity in support of factory expansion/consolidation decisions.

Put OEE to Work Your Way

Factory Insights provides a comprehensive suite of configuration settings that enable your assigned admins to quickly tailor the application to your factory environment. Whether you’re setting up teams, machine groupings, shift schedules, downtime reason trees, OEE thresholds, or other configuration options, Factory Insights speeds you through the process. And if you’re new to AWS IoT services, we have tools, best practices, and partners to help you configure your AWS environment too.


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Edge2web is among a select group of AWS partners delivering low-code application development tools and industrial applications for AWS IoT SiteWise. That means you can confidently store and manage your factory data in AWS IoT SiteWise – an open, democratized industrial data platform – and use advanced solutions from Edge2Web to quickly gain actionable knowledge. Edge2Web products have been approved through the AWS Foundational Technical Review as well-architected AWS solutions.

Store your factory data in the AWS IoT SiteWIse cloud and access it using Edge2Web Factory Insights. Just say “no” to proprietary cloud data silos.
Factory Insights for AWS IoT SiteWise scales effortlessly from small, single-factory shops to multi-site, global operations.
Need to customize and extend Factory Insights core functionality? Add Edge2Web Director to your Factory Insights subscription and the sky is the limit!


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Key Features of Edge2Web Factory Insights


Like its sibling products – Edge2Web Director and Edge2Web Flow Server – Factory Insights runs natively on AWS IoT SiteWise, and also leverages numerous other AWS platform services. We believe that, when transitioning to use cloud services, industrial companies should store their factory data in an IoT managed service like SiteWise, and then build/acquire applications that integrate natively with their chosen IoT platform. This IoT  best practice enables access to data from a wide range of applications in comparison to siloed storage alternatives.


Factory Insights integrates natively with AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM) to manage access and security policies. All data, whether at rest or in flight, is locked down using AWS recommended best practices. And due to its browser-centric architecture, Factory Insights scorecards and dashboards load fast and scale smoothly from small teams to global, multi-site organizations. Factory Insights security, resiliency, and operational best practices have been reviewed and approved by AWS.


Factory Insights gives your plant data engineers and manufacturing domain experts a comprehensive suite of configuration screens for tailoring the application to your operation. Whether configuring shift calendars, downtime reason tables, OEE thresholds, machine groupings, user teams, and related settings, Factory Insights allows you to get the job done quickly and painlessly. The result is a powerful manufacturing intelligence application that works the way you need it to, computing metrics your way and visualizing results in terminology your team will recognize.


At its core, Factory Insights tracks machine availability, product quality, and manufacturing performance – with reporting capabilities that span from a single machine to a multi-site enterprise. Factory Insights puts data and analytics at your fingertips through an integrated suite of scorecards and dashboards, without requiring manual data collection or wrangling with complex spreadsheets. Beyond KPIs, Factory Insights enables you to get your team on the same page in terms of operational goals and priorities.


Although Factory Insights automates the vast majority of machine and process data collection – thereby relieving your teams of arduous, error-prone data wrangling – there is no substitute for human knowledge. Your machine operators are often the most accurate source for why certain equipment went offline, the specific causes of product scrap, and other valuable production context. Factory Insights gives operators and quality engineers powerful tools for clarifying the reasons why problems occur, to improve downstream remedial actions.


Unlike most industrial cloud applications that are built using low-level programming frameworks and APIs, Factory Insights is implemented exclusively in Edge2Web Director and Flow Server – the same rapid application development products that power many of the most sophisticated IIoT apps deployed in production today. If you require functionality beyond what’s available in Factory Insights, just add Edge2Web Director to your Factory Insights plan and your growth will be limited only by your imagination.

Make data-driven operational decisions.
Plant managers & supervisors
Reduce unplanned downtime, improve product quality, and optimize production throughput. Plan capacity changes based on data driven insights.
Machine operators
Use Factory Insights to quickly analyze the availability and performance of your machines, and the quality of your production runs.

Systems integrators
Mentor customer teams on Factory Insights configuration, and extend core application functionality using the Edge2Web Director bundle.
Equipment maintenance managers
Reduce unplanned downtime, improve asset performance and make the right repairs, faster.
Operators and supervisors
Improve underlying operation productivity and access technology to make the smart factory operate safely, efficiently and effectively.
Control Engineers
Identify root cause and top contributors to quality issues, reducing product lost to defects or deviations.