Edge2Web Flow Server subscriptions enable you to start small and grow with data usage

Build powerful server-side applications using Edge2Web's visual development tools, then schedule and deploy those applications with using Flow Server's admin console. Edge2Web Flow Server pricing is based on the number of monthly data calls made by your server-side apps.

  • Maximum concurrent memoryMaximum concurrent memory
  • Monthly API callsMonthly API calls
  • Number of application tasksNumber of application tasks
  • MindSphere coverage:MindSphere coverage:
  •     IoT & Storage services    IoT & Storage services
  •     Analytic services    Analytic services
  •     Advanced services    Advanced services
  • Support responseSupport response
  • Small

  • $300

    per month

    billed annually

  • Maximum concurrent memory16 MB
  • Monthly API calls1 million
  • Number of application tasksUnlimited
  • MindSphere coverage:
  •     IoT & Storage services
  •     Analytic services
  •     Advanced services
  • Support response1 business day
  • Medium

  • $600

    per month

    billed annually

  • Maximum concurrent memory32 MB
  • Monthly API calls2 million
  • Number of application tasksUnlimited
  • MindSphere coverage:
  •     IoT & Storage services
  •     Analytic services
  •     Advanced services
  • Support response12 business hours
  • Large

  • $1,200

    per month

    billed annually

  • Maximum concurrent memory64 MB
  • Monthly API calls4 million
  • Number of application tasksUnlimited
  • MindSphere coverage:
  •     IoT & Storage services
  •     Analytic services
  •     Advanced services
  • Support response8 business hours

   * Edge2Web Flow Server can only be purchased as an add-on to Edge2Web Director at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are "Monthly API calls" and how do they affect my Flow Server subscription?

Monthly API calls are the number of calls your Flow Server apps make to the MindSphere platform and any external REST services. API calls can perform either a read or a write operation. Thus, a call to retrieve a timeseries from MindSphere is one API call, and a call to write an event to MindSphere is likewise one API call.

Your Flow Server subscription defines the number of  monthly data calls that can be executed by your server-side applications.

What is "Maximum concurrent memory"?

Maximum concurrent memory is the total memory consumed by all Flow Server tasks executing at a point in time. Thus, three Flow Server tasks that consume 1GB memory each will consume 3GB of memory when they are scheduled to run at the same time (or at overlapping times).

What is "Monthly data traffic"?

Siemens charges MindSphere "operators" for data that flows through their operator tenants. As a MindSphere operator, Edge2Web effectively pays Siemens for the data that drives your Flow Server apps.  Your Edge2Web subscription defines the amount of data you can use each month.

If you need additional data capacity, we offer a Data Upgrade pack that allows you to double the amount of data traffic provided by your base subscription plan.  Please contact us for more info and pricing for the Data Upgrade pack.

Can I purchase a standalone subscription to Edge2Web Flow Server?

Currently, Flow Server is only offered as an add-on to Edge2Web Director.

Can I add more users to my Edge2Web subscription plan?

Yes, we offer in-plan user upgrades in increments of 5 users for $3,000/year.  User upgrades can be provisioned to your Edge2Web tenant at any time during your subscription year.

Can a MindAccess IoT Value Plan user build and deploy applications using Edge2Web Flow Server?

Yes, absolutely.  An Edge2Web Enterprise subscription gives IoT Value Plan developers access to all of Edge2Web Flow Server's visual design tools, including the Flow Editor and Flow Server admin console.  Your developers can build and deploy fully functional Flow Server applications directly from your IoT Value Plan account.

In the pricing table, what do you mean by "MindSphere coverage"?

MindSphere is a big platform, and Edge2Web supports the vast majority of service APIs available on the platform.  Wherever the MindSphere APIs provide bi-directional (read-write) access, Flow Server applications can perform bi-directional operations.  The services your applications will use most frequently are:

  • IoT & Storage services include MindSphere Timeseries, Timeseries Aggregates, and File storage.
  • Analytic services include Anomaly Detection, Signal Validation, Signal Calculation, Trend Prediction, Event Analysis, and KPI Calculation.
  • Advanced services include Asset Management, Event Management, Notification, and Data Flow.
What are your payment terms?

We invoice for 12 months in advance when you take a new Edge2Web subscription or renew your existing subscription.

Our payment terms are net/30.  You can pay us using a corporate check or wire transfer.  We currently do not accept payment by credit or debit cards.