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Together with our systems integrator, reseller, and technology partners, we’re building a vibrant IIoT ecosystem. Edge2Web partners deliver game-changing Industry 4.0 applications to industrial customers worldwide.

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By 2025, 70% of new applications developed by organizations will use low-code or no-code technologies

The value of the low-code market is projected to reach $65 billion by 2027. Edge2Web is an established leader in industrial low-code and no-code solutions. And Edge2Web Factory Insights is a configurable, extendable smart factory application for tracking a wide range of manufacturing KPIs. Edge2Web is ranked in the Top 5 among 433 start-ups targeting Industry 4.0 by StartUs Insights.

The opportunity to co-create value in the industrial IoT space is vast. And Edge2Web offers the only low-code solutions that run natively on both AWS IoT SiteWise and Siemens Insights Hub (formerly MindSphere) – two leading cloud data management platforms for industrial applications.

As an Edge2Web Partner, you can rapidly build and sell custom applications on SiteWise and MindSphere, expanding your products and services portfolio with new digital offerings. You can also connect, configure, and extend Factory Insights, Edge2Web’s breakthrough manufacturing intelligence solution.

Edge2Web offers attractive pathways to partnership for all industrial solutions providers.

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We are pleased to work with Edge2Web to bring advanced digital solutions to manufacturing customers worldwide. Edge2Web's support of AWS IoT SiteWise can help customers solve operational challenges like root cause analysis of machine downtime, product quality improvements, and resource management in sustainability.

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