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Edge2Web products are platform-native, meaning they run as a suite of microservices directly on MindSphere.

Publishing Edge2Web applications is achieved with a few mouse clicks, and all of your data is protected using MindSphere's Security & Identity infrastructure.

Provisioning your organization takes less than five minutes and gives you immediate use of Edge2Web's visual development tools and runtime services. Your apps have built-in access to all of the rich data services available on the MindSphere platform.


Edge2Web is a low-code application builder platform that allows you to rapidly create powerful industrial IoT applications.
Use Edge2Web to integrate asset models, streaming data, analytic services, operating events, enterprise IT systems, and much more. Deploy apps to your users securely with the push of a button.

Power Tools for Industrial Innovators


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Connect and integrate your digital enterprise

Your data and enterprise applications are everywhere – in your OT infrastructure, in your IT data center, on industrial cloud platforms, and on SaaS enterprise clouds. To build applications that give users full context and allow them to take informed actions, you need access to everything. Edge2Web’s enterprise connectivity services give you instant access to all of the rich data available across your organization.

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Integration is the power plant behind your IoT applications, enabling you to combine data from disparate sources, orchestrate the flow of information across your enterprise, and operationalize the insights revealed by your analytics. Whether you're building user-facing apps or server-side orchestration tasks, Edge2Web’s powerful flow engine enables non-programmers to quickly create process-driven applications that reduce costs, streamline operations, and notify people when action is required.

Integrate data, analytics, and operations

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Visualize, inform, and empower

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then contextualized operating data, analytics, rich media, and other content are invaluable. Your goal is to deliver applications that communicate critical operating state in a single glance. You need visual tools with the muscle to get the job done. Edge2Web's visual screen and page editors combine power and usability, enabling non-programmers to build industrial strength apps that inform your users and empower them to take precise actions. And when you need to get under the hood to build highly customized apps, your developers can easily do so using standard Javascript and HTML.