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Edge2Web Power Tools enable data analysts, process engineers, and other non-programmers to manage industrial assets, explore asset data, create custom analytic formulas, and build high-powered visualizations for end users. Monitor asset health using dynamic data queries. Compute multi-level, multi-dimensional KPIs. Give end users scorecards and dashboards that contextualize shop floor data and deliver actionable insights. And do it all without writing a line of code!

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Edge2Web no-code tools enable data analysts, process engineers, and other non-programmers to explore industrial data, create custom analytic formulas, and build high-powered scorecards for end users. Give your users scorecards that contextualize shop floor data and deliver actionable insights. And do it all without writing a line of code!

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Bring Your Industrial Data To Life!
Put Your Industrial Data to Work!

Edge2Web Power Tools (EPT) is the essential companion for AWS IoT SiteWise. EPT gives your users a single, integrated solution for quickly and easily gaining actionable insights from your industrial data.

Give plant engineers all of the tools they need to manage digital twins of your physical assets. Create SiteWise asset and component models. Import models from on-premises historians and asset management systems. Create policies that control which EPT users and teams have access to asset, line, and site data. Authorize machine operators and supervisors to improve data quality.


Enable process engineers, data scientists, other non-programmers to dynamically browse factory data to identify critical trends, patterns, and anomalies. Create libraries of commonly-used queries that compute and visualize KPIs and other useful analytics. View data instantly and download it for use in your favorite BI tools.


Empower shop floor users to create multi-level, multi-dimensional formulas that include advanced operations for timeseries and machine/process state data. Measure asset availability, product quality, production performance, energy consumption, and an unlimited variety of custom metrics. Integrate external data, AI, and analytic services using Edge2Web Low-code Tools.


Quickly create polished, professional scorecards and dashboards that visualize the results of your custom formulas. Use the provided EPT Menu Editor to publish scorecards and dashboards to your application runtime menu. Enable end users to drive visualizations using built-in time, asset, and context (e.g., Work Order, Product ID) selectors.

Bring Your Industrial Data To Life!

Learn what Edge2Web Power Tools can do for you. Watch the videos below!

EPT Solution Set-up
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Solution Set-up
Learn how EPT app admins can configure and test connections to SiteWise platform services.
EPT Asset Manager
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Asset Manager
Learn how to manage components and asset models in SiteWIse, and easily import models and assets from your factory data systems.
EPT Data Explorer
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Data Explorer
Learn how plant data engineers and scientists can dynamically browse and visualize SiteWise data.
EPT Formula Builder
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Formula Builder
Learn how to create multi-level, multi-dimensional computations and KPIs using data managed by SiteWise.
EPT Scorecard Builder
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Scorecard Builder
Learn how to contextualize and display SiteWise KPIs using EPT's no-code scorecard layout editor.
EPT Dashboard Builder
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Dashboard Builders
Learn how to create sophisticated grid and spatial dashboards using SiteWise data, scorecards, and KPIs.
EPT IoT App Kit
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AWS IoT App Kit
Learn how to create multi-asset operational dashboards using the AWS IoT Application Kit. (It's included with EPT!)
EPT Team Manager
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Team Manager
Learn how EPT app admins can manage access to resources and data by configuring users, groups, policies, and menus.

Explore Factory Data Dynamically

EPT Data Explorer turns data into actionable information with a few clicks. Select assets, time periods, and properties to bring your data to life. Quickly identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. Visualize data in graph and tabular views, and download it for further use with your favorite spreadsheets, BI tools, and other applications.

Add Formulas to Reveal Deep Insights

Drive EPT Data Explorer queries with multi-level, multi-dimensional computations created in EPT Formula Builder. Track asset availability and performance, monitor product quality by asset, diagnose downtime causes, track per-unit costs, and much more. Quickly build contextualized queries that deliver actionable information for a wide range of industrial use cases.

Build Multi-dimensional KPIs with Ease

EPT Formula Builder delivers a simple user experience for data scientists, analysts, and power users to construct multi-level, multi-dimensional data computations. Co-mingle data attributes, operating states, events, timeseries data, and other formulas to derive contextualized analytics. Integrate formulas with Edge2Web Low-code Tools, 3rd party analytics and AI services, and external databases and applications to create uniquely powerful computations.

Visualize KPIs Using EPT Scorecards

Visualizations created with the EPT Scorecard Builder allow end users to instantly view data formula results using Edge2Web’s popular scorecard layout. Combine custom scorecards with built-in asset, group, and time selectors to give users ready-made access to the data and KPIs they need. Give end users control of data filtering and sorting to personalize scorecards for asset hierarchies, fleets, groups, and other large datasets.

Contextualize Data the Easy Way

EPT Dashboard Builder enables data analysts, process engineers, and other power users to quickly create advanced, composite visualizations that include native widgets, scorecards, and components created in Edge2Web Director. Use the included AWS IoT Application Kit to create dynamic, multi-asset operational dashboards. Give shop floor end users information at a glance using grid-based and spatial dashboard layouts.




Edge2web delivers low-code application development tools, no-code tools, and smart factory applications for AWS IoT SiteWise. You can confidently store and manage your factory data in AWS IoT SiteWise – an open, democratized industrial data platform – and use advanced solutions from Edge2Web to quickly gain actionable knowledge from that data. Edge2Web products have been approved through the AWS Foundational Technical Review process as well-architected AWS solutions.

Store your factory data in the AWS IoT SiteWIse cloud and access it using Edge2Web Factory Insights. Just say “no” to proprietary cloud data silos.
Factory Insights for AWS IoT SiteWise scales effortlessly from small, single-factory shops to multi-site, global operations.
Start with Factory Insights or roll your own applications using Edge2Web Low-code and No-code tools. Our solutions let you start quickly and give you unlimited growth.

Key Features of Edge2Web Power Tools


Browse, filter, and visualize all of your factory asset and process data. Create queries on-the-fly or select from the library you have built and saved. Drive your queries with formulas to gain instant visibility into operating data, KPIs, and custom computations.


Create multi-level, multi-dimensional formulas that co-mingle timeseries, operating states, product quality data, utilization and cost data, and more to reveal deep, contextualized insights. Integrate with Edge2Web low-code tools for advanced computations.

Give end users informative, professional scorecards that visualize the output of your formulas. Pre-built asset and time period selectors enable you to deliver a complete, polished end user experience that automatically handles single asset and asset group queries.

Edge2Web Power Tools are integrated with Edge2Web Factory Insights and Edge2Web Director. Create scorecards using pre-built KPIs and add them to the Factory Insights menu. Extend your custom formulas to access external data sources and analytic services using Edge2Web service connectors.