What is Edge2Web?

Edge2Web is a cloud software company delivering visual tools that enable industrial app builders to rapidly develop, test, and deploy a wide range of IoT-style applications.  Our flagship product, Edge2Web Director, is based on a programming-by-exception model, allowing industrial domain experts to create sophisticated dashboards and mash-up apps.  And our secure, cloud-based delivery services minimize IT disruption while scaling elastically to meet a wide range of deployment needs.

What are the main components of Edge2Web Director?

Edge2Web Director includes the Flow Editor – a flow-based app development tool, and the Page Editor – a visual page layout tool. Users build device-responsive display components and data-driven applications using Edge2Web’s flow and page editors, and then execute those apps using Edge2Web’s cloud-based runtime services.

The Edge2Web Agent runs in the cloud and will soon run on leading industrial PaaS platforms.  Post-MVP, the agent will also be deployable into edge zones within end users’ IT/OT infrastructures. The agent connects to users’ apps and datastores, and can communicate bi-directionally with the Edge2Web Integrator hub running in the cloud.

What kinds of applications can be created using Edge2Web Director?

Below are a few examples of applications that can be created using Edge2Web Director. In each example, the resulting dashboards and applications are developed using visual tools; they run equally well on large panel screens and tablets (i.e., they are device responsive); and they can be deployed securely without IT disruption.

  • In Service operations, Edge2Web applications proactively notify field engineers of equipment problems, identify which parts may be needed for repair, provide drivers with site geo-location and mapping, and inform technicians with real-time diagnostic insights.
  • In Oil & Gas, a reliability engineer uses Edge2Web to integrate equipment data from multiple back-end systems to create a comprehensive view of pipeline integrity.
  • In Power Generation, a manufacturer of hybrid fuel turbines delivers cloud-based diagnostic guides that allow remote service engineers to troubleshoot turbine problems in real time.
  • In Chemical manufacturing, plant engineers use Edge2Web to optimize the execution of complex start-up and shutdown processes, and display real-time dashboards in plant control rooms.

Edge2Web tools can be used to create a wide variety of IIoT-style applications that drive improvements in asset management, manufacturing operations, and domain knowledge sharing.

What is the easiest way to stand up a POC using Edge2Web?

The Edge2Web MVP can access data from databases, files, and REST-accessible endpoints described using Swagger. If you haven’t yet described your REST endpoints using Swagger, don’t worry – we are here to assist you.

An easy way to get started with Edge2Web is to load data into Excel- or csv-formatted flat files, upload those files to your secure account on the Edge2Web cloud service, and access them using our flow and page editors. Your POC will, of course, display static data, but flat file access can be achieved without delay in environments where data connectivity is not yet in place. And when you decide to transition from static to live data, the effort to do so will be minimal.

Which industrial data environments will Edge2Web support?

Edge2Web tools will support all leading industrial PaaS platforms. In addition, organizations can deploy the secure Edge2Web Agent on premise to quickly build IoT-style applications that integrate OT assets, historians, data streams, alarms and events.

Applications built using Edge2Web tools will be portable across leading on-premise and PaaS data infrastructures, giving industrial organizations a flexible path to digital transformation.

How can Edge2Web be used by end user industrial companies?

Edge2Web can be used to achieve many different goals in asset and systems monitoring, agile manufacturing, and plant operator intelligence. Edge2Web dashboards can run in control rooms, in remote monitoring centers, and on field engineers’ tablets, supervising industrial systems and processes with equal effectiveness. Edge2Web mash-ups can integrate live operating metrics, core IT apps and data, rich media content, and external web services – giving you a single tool to support a vast spectrum of industrial information needs.

Apps created with Edge2Web tools help organizations identify and repair problems, streamline plant and fleet operations, and scale the institutional expertise of control engineers and equipment operators.

How can Edge2Web be used by systems integrators and managed service providers?

Leading SIs and service providers recognize the enormous market projections for the Industrial Internet. Edge2Web tools empower industrial service companies to quickly build IIoT fulfillment capacity and POC delivery competence. Sales teams can engage new business opportunities aggressively, partnering with practice leaders to win deals and deliver insightful, high-value industrial solutions.

How can Edge2Web be used by industrial equipment manufacturers?

Many equipment manufacturers are driving to provide asset-connected operator guides, monitoring dashboards, and diagnostic playbooks. Edge2Web allows manufacturers to deliver interactive, cloud-based applications that can be improved continuously based on data science and field performance.

Post-MVP, manufacturers will be able to privately brand Edge2Web apps and manage the onboarding of their end users and resellers.

How can Edge2Web be used by software and analytics vendors?

Many industrial application vendors need to extend their products to the cloud and deliver new IIoT-flavored solutions. Likewise, analytics vendors need tools to easily showcase their insights and allow their users to build analytics-driven applications. Edge2Web is an excellent alternative in both scenarios, giving ISVs fast, powerful tools for a wide range of data and app integration needs.

Post-MVP, ISVs will be able to privately brand Edge2Web apps and manage the onboarding of their end users and resellers.

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