Edge2Web Announces Support for AWS IoT SiteWise Platform


Edge2Web products are platform-native, meaning they run as a suite of microservices directly on AWS IoT SiteWise and the extended AWS cloud infrastructure.

Publishing Edge2Web applications is achieved with a few mouse clicks, and all of your data is protected using Edge2Web Identity services integrated with the AWS Identity & Access Management infrastructure.

Provisioning your organization gives you immediate use of Edge2Web's visual development tools and runtime services. Your apps have built-in access to all of the rich data services available on SiteWise and the broader AWS platform.

November 17, 2021, Southbury, CT, USA. Edge2Web, Inc., a leading supplier of low-code application development solutions for industrial companies worldwide, today announced the commercial availability of Edge2Web for AWS IoT SiteWise, a managed service from AWS that enables the collection, modeling, analysis, and visualization of data from industrial equipment and processes at scale.

Using Edge2Web solutions, industrial companies can now instantly connect to core SiteWise services to reduce asset downtime, optimize manufacturing performance, analyze product costs, integrate plant applications, perform advanced data analytics, and more. Edge2Web solutions are used today by leading industrial companies globally including Bayer, United Utilities, SKF AB, Roche, and many others.

Edge2Web solutions now available for AWS IoT SiteWise include:

  • Edge2Web Director – a market-leading visual app builder solution for rapidly creating, deploying and operating interactive, user-facing industrial IoT applications.
  • Edge2Web Flow Server – a breakthrough solution for monitoring industrial assets and processes, running advanced analytics, and notifying plant engineers of critical operating events.
  • Edge2Web Developer – a low cost, developer-only version of Director and Flow Server intended primarily for implementation partners and systems integrators.
  • Edge2Web App Accelerators – a library of pre-built application components that provide high-value functionality such as Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) tracking, automated asset onboarding, rules configuration, custom shift management, ad hoc data browsing, and more.

“We are pleased to offer Edge2Web solutions for AWS IoT SiteWise,” said Fred Holahan, Co-Founder and CEO of Edge2Web, Inc. “SiteWise provides a comprehensive cloud service for acquiring, storing, analyzing, and actioning multi-dimensional industrial data. Edge2Web for AWS IoT SiteWise gives industrial organizations important new capabilities for rapidly building, deploying, and operating advanced IoT applications that drive digital innovation.”

“Edge2Web solutions have enabled us to accelerate the development, roll-out, and global scaling of critical OEE applications,” said David Kaltmayer, Head of Manufacturing Systems and Products at Bayer AG. “Edge2Web has become a trusted partner on our digital transformation journey.”

“We are pleased to work with Edge2Web to enable advanced digital applications for industrial customers worldwide,” said Cam McNaught, Director, AWS Partner Core at Amazon Web Services. “Edge2Web’s low-code tools and execution service, using shop floor data in AWS IoT SiteWise, will help our customers solve operational challenges like root cause analysis of machine downtime, anomaly and defect detection in product quality, and resource management in sustainability.”

“Focused on the digital enablement and transformation of the manufacturing and transportation sectors, Engineering USA partners with Edge2Web to help industrial customers build and implement flexible industrial IoT applications quickly to solve their most pressing business and operational challenges,” said Fabio Sala, Vice President of Industries eXcellence at Engineering USA. “We are the system integrator of choice when it comes to Industry 4.0 for that reason. The extension of the Edge2Web offering to AWS IoT SiteWise will enable us to deliver the value of IoT connectivity and data-driven manufacturing to an even broader spectrum of industrial organizations.”

“HCL Technologies is pleased to partner with Edge2Web Inc, which provides industry low-code application development solutions that enable industrial customers to rapidly develop and deploy advanced digital applications,” said Chetan Desai, Associate Vice President, HCL Technologies. “In addition, HCL will leverage its end-to-end digital transformation capabilities for data engineering, softwarization, 5G, and Industry 4.0 solutions to enable customers adopt digital at scale and speed.”


Media contacts:

Edge2Web: pr@edge2web.com 

More information:

Edge2Web: www.edge2web.com

Edge2Web solutions have enabled us to accelerate the development, roll-out, and global scaling of critical OEE applications.
David Kaltmayer
Head of Manufacturing Systems and Products
We are pleased to work with Edge2Web to enable advanced digital applications for industrial customers worldwide.
Cam McNaught
Director, AWS Partner Core at AWS

Edge2Web for AWS IoT SiteWise – Q&A

When will Edge2Web support for AWS IoT SiteWise be commercially available?

Edge2Web support for AWS IoT SiteWise is available today. Please contact sales@edge2web.com to discuss your needs and timetables.

Will Edge2Web continue to support the Siemens MindSphere IIoT platform?

Yes, absolutely. Siemens is an important Edge2Web partner and MindSphere is a world-class IoT environment. We are committed to supporting MindSphere and AWS IoT SiteWise equally. Edge2Web was designed to be a multi-platform solution. Expansion of our footprint to include AWS IoT SiteWise is driven by market interest, and by Edge2Web’s commitment to delivering exceptional value to our customers and partners.

Is Edge2Web aligned with AWS technical best practices?

Yes. Edge2Web products, security, and development practices have been evaluated and approved by AWS through the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) process. As defined by the FTR, Edge2Web is a well-architected AWS solution.

Does Edge2Web support other AWS cloud services in addition to AWS IoT SiteWise?

Yes. Although AWS IoT SiteWise provides powerful services for asset modeling, storage, and timeseries data ingestion/transformation, industrial applications typically require additional platform services for analytics, event detection and logging, file and database operations, human notification, and more. Edge2Web solutions natively support AWS platform services that are complementary to SiteWise as the foundation for advanced digital industrial applications.

How much do Edge2Web product subscriptions cost?

For details about Edge2Web Director pricing, please visit the Director pricing page. For details about Edge2Web Flow Server pricing, please visit the Flow Server pricing page.

How can we purchase Edge2Web product subscriptions?

You can purchase Edge2Web product subscriptions using any of the following alternatives.

  1.  Authorized Edge2Web resellers such as Engineering USA, DigiVisory, and others.
  2.  The AWS Marketplace using your existing AWS organization account.
  3.  Directly from Edge2Web by contacting sales@edge2web.com.

What are the main Edge2Web product offerings?

Edge2Web is a growing suite of low-code tools and runtimes that significantly reduce time-to-implementation of new digital industrial applications. Our products integrate deeply with leading IoT environments – for example, AWS IoT SiteWise – enabling industrial app builders and domain experts to rapidly build, deploy, and operate applications such as 24×7 asset and process monitoring, multi-level OEE, condition-based and predictive maintenance, production costing, energy management, service management, and many others.

Edge2Web’s primary commercial products are Director and Flow Server. Director is used to build interactive, multi-level dashboards, visualize data across assets, fleets, and sites, and much more. Flow Server is used for apps that drive continuous systems monitoring, batch analytics, event detection, and human notification. Edge2Web Developer is a low-cost developer-only version of Director and Flow Server intended primarily for partners who are building POCs for customers, and to demonstrate digital industrial concepts.

What is the purpose of Edge2Web Application Accelerators? How much do they cost and how are they licensed?

Edge2Web App Accelerators are high-order application components, built in Director and Flow Server, that enable accelerated implementation of popular industrial use cases such as high performance asset onboarding, OEE computation/visualization, event detection and notification, mobile fleet tracking, and more. Edge2Web App Accelerators are offered free of charge, with fully modifiable source elements, and with royalty-free distribution rights.

Can the Edge2Web applications integrate with other industrial systems besides AWS IoT SiteWise and Siemens MindSphere?

Yes. Edge2Web supports the REST/Swagger document exchange protocol. Any application, datastore or other resource that is accessible via REST/Swagger can be used in Edge2Web applications. Once a secure connection is established between Edge2Web and a target REST/Swagger endpoint, data from that system can be accessed by Edge2Web applications using the full power of Edge2Web Director and Flow Server.