Edge2Web Factory Insights Sandbox Sign-up

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Get Your Edge2Web Factory Insights Sandbox!

No costs. No time-consuming POCs. No commitments. 

Your Factory Insights sandbox allows you to explore all of the rich configurability, visualization, productivity, and admin features of Edge2Web Factory Insights:

  • Settings – quickly configure Factory Insights to work in your shop, using your team’s terminology, downtime reasons, machine groupings, shift schedules, and KPI goals.
  • Scorecards and Dashboards – the sandbox’s simulated plant data allows you to instantly explore high-value KPI scorecards and dashboards used by manufacturing leaders worldwide – OEE, OOE, TEEP, MTBF/MTTR, Pareto, and more.
  • Operator Inputs – enable authorized shop floor operators to manually adjust machine downtime reasons and product quality counters, with built-in audit logging.
  • Power Tools for Non-programmers – data analysts, process engineers, and other non-programmers will love the data exploration, formula building, and KPI visualizations tools that can be used to extend Factory Insights scorecards and dashboards.
  • Administration – Factory Insights gives your app administrators everything they need to set-up and manage your teams, user access policies, background tasks, and IoT platform connections.

Best of all, your Factory Insights sandbox allows you to explore before you invest.  Simply sign-in to your sandbox and test drive the leading smart factory application available today!