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Edge2Web Director provides visual, cloud-based tools for building a wide range of industrial IoT-style dashboards and applications. Your free Edge2Web account comes complete with a Getting Started guide and wide variety of sample apps to quickly bring you up to speed.

To get your free Edge2Web account, please complete our secure account sign-up form. After creating your account, you will receive a Welcome email with sign-on info. Benefits of your Edge2Web account include:

Friction-free Onboarding

Grab a coffee and complete the Account Sign-up form - your Edge2Web account will be up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Accelerated Learning

Our Getting Started guide, which auto-loads when you sign in, gives you a handy product intro with instructions for accessing an extensive library of pre-built sample dashboards and apps. You can view these apps in runtime and use our visual editors to quickly learn how we built them.

Power Tools for Power Users

Use our visual design tools to modify our application samples, then start building your own custom IIoT dashboards and apps. The full power of Edge2Web Director is at your fingertips.

Live Test Data

Our sample dashboards and apps are driven by live test data that includes time series arrays, temperature and volume metrics, process stages, a batch counter, and alarms/events data. We also provide test data in Excel file format. Minimize the time needed to stand up functional POCs by using our live test data. Of course, you can also integrate your own data using GE Digital Predix, Excel/csv files, MySQL, PostgreSQL and REST endpoints.

Expert Support

Access our Support Portal to view our growing knowledgebase, ask us questions, and file support tickets. And if you need help getting your POC off the ground, we would be happy to give you input on project scoping, UI/UX design, data access/integration strategies, and anything else you want to run past us. We are here to help you succeed using Edge2Web Director.

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