Deliver advanced digital solutions for industrial enterprises

Rapidly build high-value digital apps for your enterprise customers

Edge2Web’s visual app builder solutions enable you to quickly build advanced industrial IoT applications for asset and process monitoring, condition-based maintenance, manufacturing intelligence, smart infrastructure, fleet management, and many others.

Integrate live factory data with ERP, MES, MOM and other plant systems to deliver rich, contextualized dashboards. Drive analytic and ML services to reveal critical data-driven insights. Manage and operate turnkey solutions that deliver exceptional value to your customers and add recurring revenue to your services portfolio.

Learn About Edge2web Products
Learn About Edge2web Products


Rapidly create, deploy and operate interactive Smart Factory web apps that scale easily to thousands of users. Bring data to life with an extensive library of factory visualizations for sites, assets, fleets, sensor metrics, operating events, rich media, and more.


Build server-side orchestration apps that monitor everything 24x7. Drive analytics and ML pipelines. Integrate data from MES, MOM, ERP and other core plant systems. Notify personnal when critical operating events occur.
Edge2web Director
Edge2web Flow Server


Edge2Web Accelerators are prebuilt, customizable application components you can use to implement OEE tracking, shopfloor performance monitoring, condition-based maintenance, fleet management, performance threshold configuration, event notification, and more.
Deliver innovative IIoT implementations.
Build custom apps quickly using RAD tools.
Offer value-added managed operator services.
Drive operational efficiency
and execution
Deliver innovative IoT applications that monitor customer equipment and processes 24x7. Use anomaly detection and ML services to identify potential problems, notify customer personnal proactively, and give support experts instant visibility into current operating conditions. Enable customers to reduce manufacturing variations and leverage insights for continuous improvement.
Reduce equipment downtime
and maintenance costs
Rapidly build customer applications that reduce the need for scheduled maintenance and service outages. Use data and analytics to determine when components are approaching the end of their duty cycles. And when equipment service is required, ensure that service techs have all of the information and parts to perform maintenance efficiently - the first time.
Improve operating visibility
and effectiveness
Implement custom applications for discrete and process industries that give instant visibility into plant operating performance. Leverage pre-built Edge2Web components for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to reduce costs associated with idling, starving, or blocking equipment. Reduce energy costs, raw material spend, scrap, and rework.
Deliver turnkey managed
application services
Leverage Edge2Web's platform-native architecture to provide customers with secure, scalable operator services for your custom Edge2Web applications. Give plant operators and supervisors the controls they need to manage operational work while providing executives with plant and multi-site performance visibility. Monitor everything from a single admin console.
Deliver high-value Industry 4.0 solutions.
Sales and practice managers
Expand your industrial services portfolio with solutions that leverage your domain knowledge to deliver advanced IoT applications and business models.
Consultants and developers
Use high-powered visual app builder tools that are designed specifically for industrial use cases. Bring your working skills in Javascript and HTML - they are all you will need.
Business strategy leaders
Industry 4.0 and IIoT provide the digital onramp for industrial leaders of tomorrow. Edge2Web delivers key enabling solutions to power your customers' most advanced digital initiatives.