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Build breakthrough
industrial applications
with Edge2Web
Build breakthrough
industrial apps with

Use Edge2Web's visual tools to rapidly build new IIoT-style applications — then deploy and run your apps with the push of a button using our platform-native operator services.


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Transform your business using app builder solutions from Edge2Web

Leading IIoT platforms like Siemens MindSphere liberate critical machine and process data, powering new analytic and machine learning services. Edge2Web's visual app builder products enable you to quickly use data-driven insights to increase equipment uptime, reduce energy and maintenance costs, and drive transformative improvements across your organization.

Transform your business using app builder solutions from Edge2Web

Edge2Web's innovative products and business model have given us the flexibility to deliver exceptional customer value at all stages of the digital manufacturing spectrum.

Edge2Web's innovative products and business model have given us the flexibility to deliver exceptional customer value at all stages of the digital manufacturing spectrum.

Fabio Sala
Director of Operations, Engineering USA


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Deliver insights quickly, securely, consistently – everywhere

Edge2Web enables your team to quickly create new digital applications that reduce operating costs and improve business agility.  Edge2Web's visual app builder tools and platform-native runtime services power a broad range of digital industrial applications.


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Six reasons leading industrial enterprises rely on Edge2Web solutions

Industrial IoT platforms like Siemens MindSphere are large and complex. Edge2Web products integrate deeply and bi-directionally with all platform services, enabling your applications to exploit the platform's full power without requiring your team to master its complexity. Edge2Web solutions also leverage all of your platform's identity and security services, ensuring that your users can only view the data and application pages they are authorized to see.


Some low-code app builder tools provide basic data visualizations - line, bar, pie, donut and a few others. Industrial users, however, also need to see their data rendered using advanced industry-specific visualizations such as geo-spatial views, utilization gauges, progress graphs, state graphs, process stages, liquid gauges, tree views, interactive tables, and many others. Edge2Web Director is built exclusively for industrial applications and provides the rich, context-driven visualizations required by industrial users.


IIoT application projects typically begin with basic dashboards and data visualizations. But many industrial apps are not user-facing — their job is to operate in the background to aggregate data and compute performance metrics, monitor assets and processes, notify people of critical operating conditions, and integrate with other enterprise applications. Edge2Web's Flow Server provides a robust, platform-native solution that addresses a wide range of industrial orchestration use cases.


Although most industrial apps deliver unique user functionality, many applications also provide commodity services such as ad hoc asset browsers, date/time pickers, geo-positioning helpers, and timeseries optimization functions. Edge2Web provides a growing portfolio of these high-value application components. We offer them to you on a royalty free basis and provide application source code so you can adapt them to meet your specific needs.


As IIoT applications evolve from proof-of-concept to production, new priorities quickly emerge, including data security and privacy, app branding and localization, and maintaining performance at scale. Edge2Web's platform-native runtime services handle all of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on delivering functionality that engages and informs your users. Deploy your apps with the push of a button to authorized organizations, groups, and even individual users.


Digital transformation will require your teams to learn new skills, so quickly gaining leverage from that knowledge is essential. You need tools that work consistently across a wide range of applications and user audiences. Edge2Web's integrated products are designed from the ground up to support advanced industrial application requirements. Your team will quickly master Edge2Web's visual editors and leverage that knowledge across all of your digital initiatives.